August 6th

0823/5th August

5th of August, 2021

A lovely day in Cambridge

Picture at left was taken at 7:30pm

Corn in the foreground is getting tall.

And this was ten hours later, mist and a bit of smoke.

What with all the nasty biting insects, not a good time to be out. A quick dash to count caterpillars got me welts on the neck, but the headcount was rewarding: 8

Including this lost soul, although maybe he’s looking for a place to spin his chrysalis?

Toby doesn’t like wet grass, so he went to sit on the raised flower bed to offer his critique of the day.

“Nice new flower” he said.

An “Aegean wallflower”. It shares a bed with California poppy:

Co-incidentally the same hues.

When there’s a heavy dew, spiders weave webs on the grass.

Beetles didn’t quite get all the cone flowers…

…and bumblebee just takes the pollen.

But yesterday we had a new visitor. Grant came running to get me:

3 foot long milk snake with a saucy face.

Last month I had befriended a garter snake that lived under the little wall that steps up to the driveway. I’d see her when topping up the water bowl and I was happy to have reached a stage in life where I was no longer afraid of such a creature. Then the lawn man came with his noisy big machine. RIP my little friend. I was crushed. Why do humans bluster about so carelessly?


August 6th. Maybe if it wasn’t a different sort of anniversary for me personally, I wouldn’t so readily remember that other, most devastating anniversary marked by this day.

My generation grew up very much in the shadow of the atomic bomb. It had happened twice. Why assume it would it not happen again?

The Cuban missile crisis really frightened me.

It surprises me rather, that with the Olympics in Tokyo, the day would not even be mentioned. The IOC decided to mark the Hiroshima anniversary in the closing ceremony. Maybe that is adequate.

Is it so important to mark anniversaries exactly?

It has always struck me as particularly poignant that WW1 is remembered at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

It seems to me that some things are important enough to be precise and if we allow ourselves to get sloppy about them, it’s the beginning of the end of respect and without that, where will we be?

My personal, humble opinion.

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  1. Brave woman – you … I’m not so sure I would even be able to take a picture of a snake (doesn’t matter whether it’s not poisonous 😬). I will rather sit high and dry like Toby to see what’s going on!

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