Poor little Petal

1st July 2021

It’s very hard, sometimes, to remember that my furry friends are wild and no matter what I read into their cute facial expressions, they do not share human emotion.

Last night I captured a sequence of photographs that amused me but really, you can write your own story.

Is it sibling affection? Groundhog love?…

Lonely little girl…meets boy…

Or was it ungentlemanly behavior?

To me the expression says “I’m appalled!”

“My opinion? No, I didn’t see a thing.”

“Just eating clover, minding my business.”

“You’re asking me, about groundhogs?”

“It’s really beneath me, you know.”

Poor little babe, still looking shell shocked this morning and totally sopping wet as well.

Squirrels have rain hats, but no sympathy for groundhogs.

So at lunch time, baby ran home to get comfort from Mum:

“Those boys will take advantage, Petal. Just stay away from them”

“Nice piece of carrot. Make you feel better.”

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