Who’s in charge?

1514/30th June 2021

It wasn’t what I would call a violent storm yesterday, but it was definitely moist.

Very refreshing! I love a good rain storm.

You know that saying about the lunatics taking over the asylum? We often used to say that in the office, back when I was a working woman, a hundred years ago.

We had another saying, our favourite probably, that likened our situation to the Titanic, the only difference being that the Titanic had had a band.

In fact, there was a time when we did have music, though not a band.

Some genius thought, one Christmas, that it would be a fabulous idea if we had a choir singing in the terminal. So there, in the middle of the usual  pre-Christmas delays and oversales and general chaos, we had a very enthusiastic choir belting out seasonal songs.

It’s a good job I wasn’t there at the time since if there is one thing that gets on my nerves it’s Christmas carols. Most particularly “Jingle Bells”. Be warned. Don’t sing those words in my hearing. I won’t be responsible.

But I digress, again. I was saying how inmates take over  the asylum, or in my case more appropriately, animals are taking over my life.

Cats certainly, since circa 1980 when I “inherited” Tim’s cat Mo. I’ve not been cat-less since and if you live with cats, well life takes on whole different aspects.

However, at the moment, I am not referring to them.

It’s all those other creatures that seem to reside in the trees and the bushes and the woods around my house. They are my friends and it seems they’ve come to know it. If I don’t have a groundhog staring at me, it’ll be a bush full of sparrows or a pathetic looking squirrel, a hungry turkey…. The list is endess.

It’s becoming ridiculous, though. Any time I wish to leave the house now, quite apart from ensuring some escape-determined cat isn’t lurking, I now have the habit of looking outside in case there is a deer or a turkey nearby. Wouldn’t want to scare them. Just yesterday I noticed a turkey by the garage, so I changed my route, exiting by the side door onto the porch. This disturbed a groundhog and a couple of squirrels, but they only pretend to be alarmed. They come right back. Unfortunately, they made enough racket in so doing to alert the turkey who got disturbed in spite of my efforts. So, I reverted to my original plan of going to the garage, opened the front door and oops..the turkey had returned and now was really disturbed.

Oh well. You can’t win them all. They come back too, eventually.

Then I went back indoors and made for the laundry alcove to retrieve my clean clothes but wait! There was a deer under the apple tree and she would see me.

Well, as it turned out, it wasn’t just a deer. It was a mama with a baby. No, it was two babies.

The babies were just thrilled with life.

Another mum arrived to help supervise…

…while the mums grazed, their babies played exuberantly.

Later on, as if I hadn’t already made enough alterations on behalf of wildlife, I picked up my trusty Dyson hand-vac to de-fluff a few cat beds by the front window, but just in time I noticed outside, the mother deer was back and God forbid I make any sort of noise….

Once the coast was clear, I went outside and on my way back in, I stopped to gaze at the wreckage of my milkweed, wondering what, if anything I could do for it. I heard a rustling and thought it was the wind but as I took a step forward:

…out shot a bunny, running for it’s life.

Everywhere I turn, there’s another furry creature that I mustn’t frighten.

Sometimes, I don’t know if I am coming or going. Is it any wonder?

You’re right. I love it.

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