Another day…

1852/29th June 2021

Another day, another sky.

After delivering an intense shower on our small portion of land, the clouds moved off:

Wetting Western Cambridge, no doubt….

….and passing off in time to create an attractive sunset.

It was a short night again, as I had an early appointment and never wanting to risk being late means setting off far too early.-Road maintenance held us up and Grant fretted, but we had still over-compensated, so we played word games in the car for 15 minutes.

We’ll think of a longish word and see how many other words we can create from it. A good time killer.

As the car crawled along behind a steam roller, I took pictures of the sky, what else. It’s always different.

And there was an interesting hole…

Once, I wanted to learn to fly and if I’d had the money I would have taken lessons, though subsequently I came to realize I couldn’t have coped with processing so much info.

The idea terrifies me now!

Staghorn Sumac trees with bright red fruit.

When we first arrived here, I couldn’t figure out what the devastated-looking branches were. They looked so stark and sad and there were so many of them everywhere.

But the following year they seemed to revive and the fruit pods remained through the winter.

Some of the trees have yellow pods.

This morning I was not all that enthused about my appointment.

A previous steroid injection had made my leg go wobbly and the new injection was actually targeting that leg.

Nerve damage is always a possibility and my leg hasn’t been right since 2007. So I had visions of wheelchairs, at least temporarily.

Also, the previous injection was somewhat painful.

Given the target of the latest, I had reservations.

But I lay on my belly and thought of England.

No, I didn’t. I just felt a bit undignified but when you reach a certain age you don’t worry so much.

Not ten minutes later, I was happily walking across the parking lot to the car. Grant exaggeratedly described it as “skipping”.

If nothing else, the local anesthesia had numbed the pain and the nerves were untouched.

So I await developments. The initial relief has certainly been welcome and I am optimistic….

…also cautiously optimistic that we will get another rain storm.

The oracle warns of “severe thunderstorms”, and then a reduction of the heat.

The wildlife would be most grateful for that to happen:

Don’t worry, I refresh their water during the day when it’s really hot and that squirrel is a con artist. She does that even when it’s not hot. She knows we have food and she recognizes a sucker when she sees one.

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