That crack

2036/2nd July 2021

Some would have called it a “foul’ day, grey and wet and windy. For the time of year, even chilly.

Yet as it ended, what a palette of colour it produced!

Blues I had never seen before.

In the middle of all the rain, a strange light had appeared, as if radiated from the earth itself and although it was faint, a rainbow appeared.

This phenomenon, something else I had never witnessed before. Somewhere, light was getting through that crack!

This time of year, I prefer an overcast, stormy sky.

It gives more definition to a scene. Those long periods of flat, washed-out blue, heat-hazed skies oppress me.

Those cloudless, hot days of summer exhaust me.

Like the garden, I feel dried up, parched and devoid of energy.

Reluctant to move.

So I celebrate the days when Nature wakes us up:

But I pray to no rain God. What I dislike someone else may crave. We each must enjoy our own moments.

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