Edited by Willow

1819/4th July 2021

Willow just came by and managed to delete my whole first paragraph. I guess she didn’t approve.

Or it may be that she’s trying to tell me it’s lunchtime.

The cats believe we should have set times for these things but we really don’t. They have a tough life.

Not half as tough as it could be. Good job I love the little darlings.

We are having another “phase” of inappropriate peeing. Willow always gets the blame even if she isn’t seen doing it. My poor child. She is very complicated.

Just how I always manage to be in love with a cat that pees on things, I don’t know. It’s most inconvenient.

Willow is very much “my” cat. She owns me and she does not wish to share. So she makes her marks in places where she feels other cats may intrude.

Lately, after five years, she has decided that she likes to sleep on my bed. It’s a large bed with plenty of room, but cat politics is worse than people politics.

Lucy has seniority rights and is not afraid to assert them.

She keeps a close eye on Willow and if she perceives that Willow wants to sit in a particular place or on a particular blanket, Lucy will make a point of parking her butt on it.

This occasioned me to re-locate my sleeping quarters to the “front room” where I now have my office and bed and much more room.

On the whole it has eased things up.

Then there is poor, insecure Blackie. During the day she mostly does her own thing. But at night she is like a Roomba returning to its docking station.

She cannot get close enough to me.

She stares at me. When I lie down she wants to be in my face.

Lucy and Blackie ignore each other. Lucy comes by a few times to check on me, but she usually sleeps on her tree in the window.

When Willow decided to sleep on my bed, she was happy to be by my feet which did not intrude on anyone else’s space.

Well, just mine, but when I put the light out, I roll to the other side so I don’t kick her off in the night.

“So what’s the issue?” you ask.

Cat psychology.

For a long time I covered my bed with plastic because getting your bedding peed on is really not fun.

Finally, I got fed up enough that I went looking for waterproof bedspreads and I actually found one.

It was perfect but very plain so I jollied it up by purchasing some pretty window shams and attaching them as a frill.

Well, of course the shams aren’t water or pee-proof.

And that’s where my dearly beloved child decided to make her mark.

I washed it all out and took to tucking the sham in at night, out of the way.

But last night just as we were ready to retire, Penny was seen sniffing “the place”. Yep. The child strikes again.

It does get old!

And it’s never just the one incident. Suddenly I will discover that someone peed over the top of the box and there’s a lovely puddle underneath.

We created several extra-high sided boxes from tubs and mostly those work, except when someone takes aim through the opening.

But we have a lot of boxes as you must with multiple cats and to convert them all was going to be expensive. So periodically it goes “over the top”.

Then I grow weary and bad-tempered.

But not with Willow!

Or any of the cats!

Though I did have quite a few rude words to say about the creator of this contraption. Obviously, whoever it was does not know cats. It has a circular bottom (why?) so that even with litter in it, the box will tip if a cat stands on the edge.

Which they do.

Especially Willow. She’s a percher. She teeters on the edge to do her business. It’s really not glam, but I wedged this one with an empty Fancy Feast box.

Have I mentioned lately that I live in a perpetual mess?

Yesterday I purchased a new garden tool and with the weather having reverted, I intended using it today.

But after all the washing and wiping and vacuuming fluff off the carpets…tomorrow is another day….

Willow was in her basket by my feet but something fell down and startled her.

Hopefully she hasn’t gone to express her displeasure….

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  1. I have a problem child too, what can we do, everything we try they always seem to find a way to pee on something they shouldn’t. Lovely post.

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