The fun police

6th July 2021

That’s what Grant calls them, the “fun police”.

Keeping an eye out for misbehavior.

Crows always make me laugh.

They also amaze me. Crows are so smart it’s almost scary.

This morning we had another heavy downpour and afterwards various creatures spent time drying out, including a bald eagle.

He paid no attention to the crows, but they sure kept an eye on him and shouted a few insults too, from the sound of it.

“Stay away from our nest, Bozo!”

The eagle tilted his head:

“How rude. I’m just drying my feathers. Go away.”

“Nope. We’re staying right here!”

Everyone was waterlogged but with warm temperatures they don’t mind.

The storm passed quickly and in my mind I was thinking “weeding” but instead of going for my new garden tool, I went for the camera, fiddling with different lenses and generally wasting time.

It was full procrastination mode this morning. Even when I sat at my computer, I was dithering about, for one thing trying to decide which footwear to order: 2 for $20 on the Animal Rescue site. At that price did it matter?

All of this stretched out till lunchtime.

If I was still thinking about spending time outside, I quickly changed my mind when I opened the door to throw out the remainder of some poor bug one of the cats had mutilated.

A lung full of hot humid air put paid to the idea of tidying the flower beds. With all the rain, the “lawn” is expanding into the beds and over the driveway.

But then, one of the Spring flowers seems to be an invasive plant and it’s taken off into the “lawn”……

Does it matter?

In April I planted seeds with a vague idea of what I put where, but then the groundhogs woke up and made snacks out of the seedlings.

So I moved a bunch of the survivors to a different bed and transplanted a couple of already-grown plants to the beds that were being raided.

It would be exaggerating even to call my garden “eclectic”. It’s not. It’s a mess.

Though I am proud of my Shasta daisy.

There used to be a Gaillardia at the other end of that bed and it too was beautiful:

Sadly, I discovered they only live 2 years.

The phlox which lives in between, gets hammered by the furry little beasts and I have moved some of it into flower pots.

Meanwhile daily rain has encouraged the remaining clump to grow a bit more and maybe the raiders are more interested in something else lately.

It would be nice to see it flower but I think chances are 50/50.

The Yucca plants, however are doing well:

As are as some anonymous succulents.

Left: Not cherries. Another invasive plant, a Japanese honeysuckle.

Above: “Choke” cherries? I’m not sure.

If the apples don’t all fall off prematurely, the deer will have a glut in the Fall. They have already been snacking on those they can reach.

Last year Grant spent a lot of time cutting the apples up to make them more manageable for the deer to eat….

It came to me just now why I am in such a “state” (not a real state, just a mini-state).

And maybe I will write about that tomorrow.

Unless something interesting occurs…

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  1. The poor animals looks really wet … but wow, love the pictures of the eagle! And your flowers are so pretty – your Shasta daisy is a typical South African wild flower, so beautiful!

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