Bumper year?

1300/28th June 2021

Is it my imagination, or are things flourishing this year? We seem to have so many more birds at the feeders, so many young animals running about.

And the plants (that have not been chewed by groundhogs) seem to be having growth spurts.

Or maybe it’s just that last year nothing seemed right?

The abundance of birds and furry babies could be related to the departure of Pancho, the neighbour’s lovely, but killer cat.

He had already gone by last summer, but I think there had to be an adjustment period. We know he killed a lot of creatures.

The area in front of our kitchen window is sometimes like Piccadilly Circus these mornings.

Which is delightful to see, I must admit.

But I could probably fill the feeders every hour.

Even I am not that crazy. It’s not as if we are in midwinter with no food available.

Far from it, currently, though at 90 F, we are one of the cooler parts of the States at the moment.

“Yoikes!” That’s hot.

If I was you, I’d stay off the driveway, little bunny.

On Facebook I’ve read a lot of posts from people in the Northeast saying that they’ve not seen their usual number of hummingbirds this year.

It’s possible we aren’t getting as many either, or it may be that they are using the feeders at the back of the house, away from the chaos of the other feeders.

They showed up a week early this year. Amazing little birds.


The milkweed which took off like gang busters this year is looking very ratty, even though I water the beds. I haven’t seen any caterpillars yet, but when we open the front door the humming of bees is deafening!

At least someone is happy!

The yucca plants that I moaned about earlier this year are doing better than ever and will soon be displaying their lovely flowers.

Obviously they enjoyed being brutalized last Fall!

How’s this for a spectacular weed?

It gets in my face every time I come through the door, but I’m glad I gave it the chance to grow.


Even the old apple tree is full and healthy-looking this year. Last year it didn’t bear much fruit but we may have a bumper crop this Fall, if the constant wind doesn’t blow them all down.

The deer have been cleaning up already.

You’d think they would get colly-wobbles!


Grandpa groundhog finally rolled out of bed.

This is the one Grant calls “Burly” because he’s so stout.

Time for him to start packing back on the pounds for another long winter, though it’s hard to imagine the cold just now.

4 thoughts on “Bumper year?

  1. That is a busy garden! 🙂 We have deer too but they are becoming too bold and chewing the bark off the young peach and plum trees 🙁 At least they do not destroy the lawn, like the boars do, so I should be grateful 😉

    1. Boars…now that could be a challenge! Sometimes we see a bobcat, fox, coyote and there are bears not far away, but not here. I just love to see any animal or bird.

      1. Yes, we keep the dog in and stay out of their way when they show up 🙁 Some of them are pretty darned big and move surprisingly fast! Thankfully, no danger of any bears haha 😉

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