25th June 2021

It’s no wonder I never get anything done.

Everyday I seem to spend more time glued to a window photographing the creatures who visit.

Then I spend a very long time going through the images and editing them.

Soon I shall run out of space although, periodically I do a purge, sending images forever into cyberspace.

This is a baby grackle, trying to figure out if it’s safe to approach the feeder while Zoomer is stuffing his face…

Adult grackle supervises, impatiently.

Zoomer and Co. are not shy and happily shared with baby groundhog.


We call them “Zoomer” because that’s what they do, zoom around at top speed, sending flocks of birds into a frenzy of fluttering and the baby bunny too.

He also moves with amazing speed.

When you are “prey” you need to!

Since last year’s sad rabies wipe out, we haven’t seen many raccoons, but this one comes by now, in the evening. Perhaps she’s traded with the skunk who hasn’t been lately:

Squirrels, of course are ubiquitous. Yet I never tire of them and their antics:

This one is especially cute. I swear she poses for me.

When I’m not at the window, Grant will come by, look out and call “oh you’ve got to see this, bring your camera!”

Mum and baby groundhog eating together with my favourite grey squirrel doing a photo bomb!

So then I stayed to watch:

The little stinker stole mother’s carrot!

When he was done with carrots, he thought he would check out the seed bowls again:

From the look on his face, I think he wasn’t impressed.

Grey squirrel was tired from the morning’s activity and took a brief lie down in the shade, but not for long:

Squirrels pray before meals?

Then, of course she was thirsty…

..so baby grackle was chased off again.

You know how animals often look like people?

Does anyone remember Derek Jacobi in “I Claudius”?

It was a brilliant series about Ancient Rome.

One of my fascinations. I am reading books set in Ancient Rome right now. Among other things.

Colleen McCullough who wrote The Thorn Birds also wrote a series of amazing books set in Ancient Rome. I had all of them but they were thick and heavy and didn’t make the trip from Seattle 😦

How easily I get side-tracked.

A few more pictures of my recent distractions:

Sharing. Some of them know how!

Others, not so much. Squirrels are vicious fighters!

How can one resist faces like this?

While I may have given up on the human species, I shall always celebrate the time I spend with animals.

Any and all of them.

7 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Great stuff. And yes I remember “I Claudius” (Aka One Clav Divs) – the book and the TV series. Brilliant. And when it was first broadcast in the UK it was one of those programs that people had in common and talked about on the top deck of the bus. Or at least the bus I took home from work in London in 1976.

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