Where are we ?

1958/23rd May 2021

It’s as if someone pushed the re-set button.

Suddenly, the sky is full of contrails. Even more than there used to be. Making up for lost time?

My friend Tim is off to Iceland in a few days, having not travelled by air for 15 months.

For him, this was an eternity.

Apparently, one can get to and from Iceland with a minimum of fuss. He has friends there, so why not go?

Fortunately, I have no such compulsions.

No need to worry about quarantine and Covid tests and whether air travel is really safe.

My only confusion is whether or when a mask is still required or recommended or just good manners.

If I go out, the mask is on, but when people come to the house, especially unexpected, I tend to forget.

Not that I really think it makes a difference.

It’s not that I think Covid is gone, or that I am immune. For the moment I feel safe, but with so many variants and so many flare-ups around the world, I think it would be naive to believe we are in control.

Yet I gather people in the USA in particular, are rushing about as if they’ve been liberated.

While I sympathize with the frustration everyone has suffered, being isolated, I don’t know how anyone can celebrate when such a large portion of the planet is still in dire straits.

While there may not be a lot we can do to help all those other people , I think we ought to pay attention to what is developing and be aware that it could easily arrive back on our doorstep for another round.

To me, it seems that we are in a state of mass confusion, between scientists and political leaders and business tycoons. Who knows what to believe, or what is acceptable?

Have the Powers That Be resolved, that with so many people now vaccinated and to an extent immune, future fatalities can be considered expendable?

The world’s population really does need to be reduced, just hard cheese if you are one of them?

Who are the most likely to die? As always, the poor, the displaced and dispossessed, those irritating crowds of people who can never seem to improve their lot in life.

Who is going to care if their numbers reduce? There will still be plenty leftover to make into the workforce of the rich. And conveniently not enough to stage a revolution.

Do I claim to know about politics or running a country, or how to handle an infectious disease? Not at all.

What I do know is what I’ve learned in my 73 years by simple observation. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer and those in the middle are so busy trying to keep up, they will never complain.

The other thing I know for certain is that population control is essential for survival of the planet.

And that government officials cannot be trusted.

This is something I’ve written of a number of times because I feel very passionately about it. Many people agree with me, in principal, while plenty do not. But I am entitled to express my thoughts and here is the part I have never written before:

When I first heard about test-tube babies, I was appalled. What right do we have to override Nature? Infertility is inborn population control. I realize this sounds unfeeling and harsh. It must be so painful for a childless couple. Adoption is difficult and expensive.

But so are fertility treatments.

And it doesn’t end there. Now we can harvest eggs and embryos and I really dread to think what else happens in those laboratories.

They can clone a sheep. Why not a human?

When science interferes with the Natural means of reproduction, in my view, we have declared ourselves above God and that is a scary place to be.

It’s only fair to admit that I never had maternal instincts myself, never yearned for a child or motherhood. So of course, my views are extreme.

Please do not be offended. I am certainly not God.

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