New forest?

1955/23rd May 2021


“It” says that we should watch for a heavy thunderstorm. 3 drops of rain and the sun reappeared.

Methinks thunderstorm will not happen.

Grant had a change of heart about rotating watering cans and decided to opt for accepting a leaky tap.

One can make adjustments when challenged!

Having rather belatedly looked up growing instructions for camellias, I decided this morning that I must transplant them without a moment’s delay.

Because I discovered they should not be in direct sunlight, especially first thing in the morning. Oops.

Apologizing profusely, I carried them in a spare kitty-litter box to a better location, where I disturbed a spider. I made a note to look out for it but then got preoccupied with planting and dumped fresh soil where it had been. I hope it had scurried away.


Feeling guilty about the spider, I promptly unearthed a little brown frog that hopped away muttering:

“I’ve heard about you!”

Whereupon I decided that gardening is really not my thing. Look at this:

It’s my most successful plant and it’s technically a weed. How can I pull it up? (It’s Charlock mustard.)

Did I say I haven’t much stamina? After these feeble efforts I withdrew indoors to deal with the latest cat wickedness. Must I say who did it? Actually, I didn’t see it happen, so I can’t be sure...

But a certain little grey cat has been keeping an awfully low profile today:

Willow has a secret hiding place I don’t know about. I couldn’t find her anywhere but she heard me calling and suddenly “Here I am! What’s up?” Then she did her Willow-roll, making cute and asking for tickles.

What crime did she commit? Let’s just say my bed ruffle was wet this morning. I was reluctant to challenge our Hal (the washing machine) with the cat-proof bed cover, so I had to improvise which involved sitting on the floor with a bucket.

Which aggravated my sacroiliac….

Meanwhile the others are trying to convince Grant that they are SO HOT.


It’s not that hot today, but all fans in are rotating. Just in case.

Grant’s purchase of yesterday is the size of an aeroplane propeller and sounds like one.

It’s taking me back to my earliest travelling days when we flew on the ancient Dakota, DC3, that could make your teeth rattle.


Here’s a transplantation job that seems to have taken. This little maple was on my front lawn when I bought the house and we were worried that it was all wrong.

If it grew big enough to shade the house, it could also be a threat, in a storm.

But it was unlikely to get that big because there was very little soil beneath the surface as we sit on slate.

We wanted to move it but no-one wanted the job.

Then we got a new neighbour who has a back hoe and loves to use it! So he and Grant moved my tree into the field where we worried about it over the Winter.

How happy we were to see leaves sprouting.

So many trees around here look decidedly battered from constant wind and ice storms, so we hope little maple will live long and prosper.

Soon he will have company, as there are quite a few infant pines thriving down there.

Some day it may be forested again.

I would like that.

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