The law of threes

0845/22nd May 2021

Snow? Well no. That’s all those pretty yellow flowers,

gone to seed:

Still pretty, in my view. On left: Tatarian honeysuckle?

These are infant camellias. At least that’s what I think I planted.

Here’s what happened to one of them:

Isn’t that sad? Perhaps it will keep trying. Some plants don’t give up easily. (They are mostly called weeds!!!)

Such a delicate flower to be called “Common” flax.

Coral Bells that I mentioned the other day. It has a tremendously long stalk.

And there behind it, the defunct air conditioner. Yesterday was hot and it will soon get a lot hotter.

It didn’t help a lot that Grant kept popping up from the always cool basement, exclaiming “Oh my God! The house is SO HOT!” Then fretting about the cats.

As I said to him, they are quite capable of going downstairs and frequently do, so if they choose to melt, I am not going to get hysterical about it!

Our efforts to get our situation rectified have turned into the usual saga. “Our” man up the road seems to have faded from the picture, but we were able to locate the original installer of the now dead ancient Carrier.

A nice chap called back and promised to try to get here on Tuesday afternoon, to access what sort of replacement we need.

For a rather large sum of money and if our luck holds, this could happen in two weeks. (meaning 4?)

This morning started with Grant ferrying water bottles to the door so I could refill the watering can and anoint the very thirsty looking flower beds.

Then, before dashing off in search of alternative cooling devices, he tried to remove the sprinkler head from the watering can. I’m not sure why.

It fell to bits in his hand.

Things go in threes, right? But I remembered there had been something else already, what was it?

Oh yes. I went to pull down my blinds to block the sun and the blinds fell down. Poorly put together.

Not worth the effort of repair, but I know a nice lady who will repurpose them into something gorgeous.

3 things already broken, so I thought we were done.

That was till Grant came grumping back, clutching a single, large fan, muttering about stores that advertise things they don’t stock, even though it says so online.

“No idea what I was talking about!” he moaned.

Assembling the new fan, we had to insert two metal tubes together. I was pushing when Grant yelled “stop!” He had to release a button. Then “AOW!!!!” he yelled, clutching his hand. “I said STOP!” he groaned.

Was I still pushing? I didn’t think so, but the tubes slid together along with a part of one of Grant’s fingers.

Just a small part.


So maybe NOW we are done?

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