1645/20th May 2021 88 F

After a late morning appointment yesterday, we returned to a delightfully cool house, Summer having chosen to arrive early.

The oppressiveness of the previous night had caused us to uncover the air conditioner, which I don’t especially like, but am never-the-less grateful for when temperatures rise above 80 F. Even the cats were feeling it, lying in furry puddles around the house. At least it kept them quiet.

After lunch I thought I should show willing and perform the exercise routine Grant created to strengthen my muscles.

Then sat in front of my PC in a dazed, sleepy state.

Perhaps it was Grant’s “trance” music that affected me.

Certainly it felt like a trance. But I then became aware of the real problem. It was HOT.

I don’t like air conditioning because I find it hard to control the temperature, frequently feeling chilled by it.

So maybe I needed to readjust the thermostat?

You can guess what had happened, I’m sure.

The condenser had packed up. And left.

Should have checked it out weeks ago……

Now, the “hot/cold” man is sooo busy….

And I must decide what sort of replacement to get.

How should I know?

A big thunderstorm threatened yesterday, but the clouds were just a tease.

All they did was make the atmosphere more “close”.

Toby and Willow took extended siestas. Dinner was late and none of the little darlings came to complain.

The groundhog came by and looked up:

“Can you supply a fan, Missus?”

Or maybe he came to report that his favourite flowers, the phlox, are covered in brown speckles.

Maybe it was he who pinched an infant camellia.

We are wondering if any of them will reach adulthood.

It sure would help if we had some rain. The watering can routine is bit tedious, not to mention deficient.

The plumber who was “coming this week” to fix the hose connection still hasn’t shown.

“Broadleaf speedwell” has begun to bloom. Last year the late snow banished it’s pretty blue flowers.

And the lilac, although in bloom, seems still to be suffering the effects of that late chilling shock.

Everything has turned green and fluffy and it makes me feel slightly claustrophobic after the clean, smooth lines of Winter.

Any day now, we’ll get the BrandX Cicadas as well as all those other delightful flying creatures.

It was so disappointing last year, to see just one solitary caterpillar on the milkweed. We expected lots of Monarch butterflies but they did not come.

The milkweed, however, spread its seeds far and wide, so now we have an actual crop of the stuff.

If the heat continues, I shall have to do the watering after sunset, bugs or no bugs.

Perhaps I’ll give up the exercises for the duration. I feel a dearth of energy…

2 thoughts on ““Close”

  1. The blue ones were here when I bought the house. The milkweed just “arrived”. The seeds blow in the wind. The phlox that the groundhog likes I planted and they usually grown well also a Shasta daisy does well. Everything else is the way I found it. I don’t have a green thumb!

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