Beauty in miniature

1835/18th May 2021

The grass man has been given the okay to come and deal with what pretends to be our lawn.

The white flowers in this photo are wild strawberries which cover the entire property.

Personally I like the look of long grass and dandelions waving in the wind.

Yesterday I watched as one of the bunnies ate a dandelion stalk as if he was sucking in a strand of spaghetti.

The grass is way up over their heads now, no doubt a good camouflage for them.

So I am not in love with the idea of cutting the grass.

But I fear ticks. Or, more accurately, Lyme Disease. I don’t want to be afraid of walking in my own garden.

And I don’t want the grass-eaters to bring hitch hikers in with them.

To be honest, we are looking just a bit scruffy.

The bunnies will still have plenty to eat and hopefully they will stay out of the hawk’s line of sight.

Hawks circle around here all the time and I have tried sending out a message to please not eat my friends, but apparently they are not on my frequency.

Mostly, it’s dove feathers we find:(

It upsets me when the guys come in with their big machines and plow through the grass without a care for sweet little flowers like this “Tall buttercup”, actually a ranunculus. Last year I dug some up and put them in a bed but it seems that was not much to their liking.

We do still have a whole field at the bottom of the hill and that remains totally wild, so there is plenty of room for anyone who wishes to re-locate.


Lately, I have been concentrating on small things:

Quite unintentionally, I intruded on someone’s sex life.

They must be in some kind of disguise, as I can’t find a picture anywhere that looks like them.

Must find an insect id app…


Plantnet tells me that this is Chokecherry:

It’s just a wild bush to me, but quite attractive right now.


Japanese honeysuckle, another “invader”.

The bees like it, though.

My attempt to provide a safe drinking source for the bees has been a slight flop.

“They” say put marbles in a flat pan, so the bees don’t fall in and drown.

You would think 200 marbles should be enough, right?

If they were normal sized, maybe, but when my order arrived it turned out they were mini-marbles.

They looked a bit silly in the large flat water container.

So I stole a red bird feeder bowl until I can find something more suitable. But where to put it?

Our hummingbirds arrived back a week early this year, so I had to rush about on their behalf.

Poor wee thing came to where the feeder hung last summer and looked so disappointed!

Then I had to move my prayer flags out of the window because the hummers are attracted to the red and orange.

Common yellow oxalis.

Wormseed wallflower

Corn speedwell

Field chickweed

Our budgies used to like chickweed, but I don’t remember that it ever had pretty flowers attached.

Garlic mustard

Coralbells. The only one that is not considered a “weed.”


3 thoughts on “Beauty in miniature

  1. I’ve never heard of Coral Bells before. It was my Mothers name, Coral and I can see from their colour why they would be called that.

  2. OMG I love dandelions. When I was younger, I believed that if you wished on a dandelion your wish would come true. Now every time I see a dandelion, unconsciously that memory pops into my head! That picture made me smile šŸ™‚

  3. Yes, I like them too and this year they are more numerous than I have ever seen. Right now the fields look almost as if there is snow!

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