Moon muddlement

2015/25th May 2021

Perhaps it’s just that I am easily confused.

Every time a full moon comes around, I start watching for it peeking over the horizon. Last month I really blew a potentially great picture.

Not from lack of planning!

Moonrise, like sunrise, varies every day, except that sunrise is a whole lot more predictable. Obviously.

Once the moon starts to wane, it fades from sight. I don’t think about it for a month.

So what exactly, is my problem?

Consulting the Internet, I ask for expected moon-rise, in New York local time. Check more than one source.

So how is it that so often I’ve been installed on my porch, camera in hand and waited, and waited?

When the timing is off by an hour, I think “well it was the wrong time zone.” But usually it’s not a perfect hour and I just scratch my head and think “next month I’ll really figure it out.”

Last night, I admit, I screwed up. Big time.

My brain seems to be having issues. Often when I read nowadays, my eyes will see a word that my brain auto-corrects into something similar but different. I’m sure there is a syndrome of some kind for that.

When I checked for last night’s moon-rise, it seems I auto-corrected the word moon-set. Puzzled by the huge difference from the night before, I did re-check and convinced myself that the moon would not appear during my waking hours.

How stupid can I be?

Turning my head, some time after 8 pm last night, there she was again. The night before she had appeared, in a thick haze at around 6:50 pm.

Maybe it’s my version of moon madness that I can’t get this right. Or is it that I am actually turning into a batty old woman? Certainly I find life to be increasingly confusing, but I had thought the reason for that was just information over-load, plus lying politicians and news media.

And not just them. I don’t know how many times I get told one thing only to discover that the opposite is what happens, so I have adopted the notion that things will just happen when they do and planning has very little to do with anything.

It’s a little disconcerting when you were always a neat freak, a compulsive organizer.

But I was told once that in the whole of the organization I worked for, I tested to be the most “adaptable” woman in North America. No surprise, considering the number of times I’ve had to do it. So I guess I’ll fall back on that! Adapt to being in a permanent muddle. It’s so the opposite of how I like to be.

Just as long as I don’t screw up Dee Dee’s meal times.

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