This morning’s sunrise was possibly spectacular, given the clouds left over from last night’s brief but impressive storm.

Alas, I was not awake at that hour and spent a positively uninspired morning, which included planting seeds haphazardly then quickly returning indoors, with large welts on forehead and down my neck.

The Northeast USA is decidedly buggy and I am highly allergic to the little beasts.

My neck was already a bit lumpy from Tuesday’s rhizotomy. The same procedure two weeks ago, caused no pain at all.

This time I am following the script which says that you may experience worsening pain for 7 to 10 days.

Inevitably, the cats have provided extra cleaning jobs.

And this morning, yet again, I was obliged to call my old ISP to chase up the refund they owe me. God help me, I got connected to my old friend, he who mumbles incoherently.

After a prolonged wait I was given a case number which somehow doesn’t sound as if they ever plan to actually send the refund. They probably think by torturing me they will get me to stop calling.

They may be right.

At least the trench finally got filled in.

The estimate for replacement air conditioner that we were promised yesterday has still not appeared today.

But we’ve learned not to have high expectations.

Mrs Groundhog decided she didn’t really care for broccoli stalks, though she wolfed down the florets happily enough. She still prefers carrots. (Phlox not in bloom yet.)

Now I’m going to have a lie down and lose myself in a book…

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