The morning after…

7th January, 2021

The morning after the night before. It’s hard to know what to write about today, as my thoughts keep veering back to the events of yesterday. Which I am sure is true for many.

Rather than dwell on that, I’ll post some random photographs that I took recently, here and there.

This was our ever changing sky this morning.

It definitely looked like snow, but none is forecast although it certainly is cold enough.

Not a great shot of North Hoosick Post Office…..

Grant’s hat got in the way.

Pretty small, don’t you think?


This is the world’s smallest Post Office, according to the ‘net. It’s is in Ochopee Florida It measures 61.3 sq ft.

The second smallest was Bridle Veil Falls, in Columbia Gorge, OR. It stayed in business for the sake of bridal invitations, but was closed by vandalism in 2019:(

North Hoosick at 223 sq ft is positively huge. It was said to be under threat of closing in November due to cuts but it seemed to be active two days ago.

The Dale, NY Post Office at 140 sq ft is only the 8th smallest in the US!

It depends what you call a Post Office. In some places it might be a wooden counter occasionally monitored by a person with a few loose stamps. So my definition says it has to have 4 actual walls. Aren’t you glad you came here to find this out?

Regrettably, I don’t have a photograph of Yap Island Customs and Immigration (I think I would have been arrested). They had a roof, I recall. Walls, I think not. I certainly remember it being rather drafty.


More “ghost” trees on route 22. something about their stark beauty always gets to me.


This was just 2 days ago, at 4:50pm

It was a totally grey day but suddenly a shaft of sun pierced the cloud and lit up a hill across the valley.

Moments like this lift me. As if there is hope…

…and how can I not be cheered, when Nature comes calling:

Particularly when the elusive Titmouse lets me get his photo:

“Bye for now”, he said and I got this chap:

…and later on…the Nuthatch obliged!


I feel better already.

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  1. I feel better, too, after seeing these beautiful scenes of wildlife and those lovely bare trees. I think the little Post Offices are very charming. Tiny anything always gets me!

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