Where are we going?

The contrail of a rare overflying jet, lit up by the setting sun, last night.

A hawk stopped by today, to rest her wings in one of the apple trees.

So of course, I took her picture.

Back turned, twigs concealing her.

So I sneaked outside, around the corner and she didn’t budge. She wasn’t interested in me at all.

But it still didn’t make a good shot.

Getting there, but no awards.

She is a mighty fine bird.

Why do I say “she”?

Somehow it just felt like it.

Birders will probably tell me why I’m wrong.

Now I was outside in 26 F, just a sweatshirt and my house slippers. I’d caught sight of sun patches and crunched around on the frozen ground.


Typically, by the time I got round the house, the sun patch had moved and the brightly lit hill no longer was.

It had looked brilliant, moments before.

Now the sun was beautifully highlighting power lines.

Fabulous. So I waited and I froze.

And took pictures of juncos. (Those are 2 different shots!)

What happened next was, that with the light being so bright, my glasses went dark. They are photosensitive.

So now I couldn’t really see and my fingers were frozen.

Which is how I got this inspiring picture. Of nothing.


Professional, I’m not. No stamina, no patience.

As I crunched back round the house, the sound made Mrs Cooper turn her head.

Squinting and shivering I got these two shots.

And finally what would have been a fairly decent photograph. If I’d noticed the twig.

Mrs Cooper was done with her rest and she departed through the woods.

No doubt she’ll be back, or one of her friends.

There’s always next time.

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