Discombobulating Lucy

9th January 2021 8:03am

This was how it started out.

A golden glimmer on the horizon.

Touches of pink like water colour in the grey.

Even a crescent moon.

There you see it, just that little silver dot.

We’d fed the demanding cats and were trying to have our own humble breakfast, but every five minutes:

Back outside because the sky was morphing…

…every minute to another wonderful sight…

…I didn’t want to miss.

Back indoors for another sip of tea…

…then out again into the cold dawn

Perhaps it’s the cause of my current heartburn.

It’s not the way civilized people take their food.

However, that’s something I have never claimed to be…

…in certain respects, anyway.

The trouble with all this was, not my disrupted breakfast…

..but the discombobulation to Lucy’s expectations..

…each time I rushed to the door…

…Lucy thought it was that time...

…after breakfast, you see, Willow gets her medicine. The routine she invented involves her running to the “lunch room” and jumping on the table. Here she lifts her face so I may insert the syringe correctly, purring gently all the while, and after, she gets a couple of treats.

But the other cats, of course, are opportunists. Lucy, being “the Boss”, has made it her job to remind me, in case I should forget, that it’s time…for Willow and mostly for Lucy to get her treat. So when I walk that way, she gets all excited and when I turn the corner to the door…oh dear, the look!

Sometimes we have to assert ourselves, though…

…and pussies have to wait.

Of course I was not suitably clad and I can now feel the cold seeping into my bones. It’s cleaning day, so radiators are off while the vacuum runs, otherwise a circuit breaker blows.

Lucy (and Willow, Toby and Lily) finally got their treats

Now Lucy is at her morning post, supervising me. Willow gave me a look, then went to hide. She doesn’t care for cleaning days.

Patches and Willow hugged the one operational radiator. No way they are getting cold.

Patches loves her radiator.

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