Snow cats

Tuesday 5th January

Monday’s snowfall was a mere flurry by comparison to last month’s storm that buried these plants and crept up the window.

Just the right amount to be really pretty and not a pain.

Although our “snowman” who apparently is a one-man operation, did not seem at all pleased!

Grant may find himself digging more than just the walkways one day. According to what I read, yesterday, we may, or may not, get a lot of snow this month. That’s helpful.

My little lavender plant is still hanging in, I was glad to see. I love lavender but have had very limited success at growing it. The plant I bought last Spring had all but expired when I decided to move it in September.

Closer to the house it rallied. I am hoping it will survive another year. I am a hopeless gardener.

In 2019 I had wonderful sunflowers, which grew of their own accord, from seeds dropped by birds.

Last year, wanting them in a more suitable location, I planted some seeds. Bupkis.

This week, however, sunflowers have ‘come up’ one way or another 3 times, It’s a sign I must try again.

Would that I was as successful with plants as I am with cats: (acquiring thereof):

Toby clamors to go out in the morning, but he was slightly taken aback by the snow. He had a good sniff at a message left on the air-conditioner cover, and then continued to the back door where he gazed in, but changed his mind:

Finding himself some grass around the front.

Meanwhile Penny had persuaded Grant to let her out:

Personally, I’m not sure snow is good for arthritic cats, but Penny so loves to go out.

Sikkim, Queen of the High Himalayas said it was too cold for her royal paws.

Sasha took one look and said “you must be joking!”

Grant likes the cats to get out for a bit which always makes me nervous, but with the snow at least they are not likely to go far.


This morning, I nearly perished my fingers, emptying ice from the bird baths and re-filling for these guys.

With the wind whipping about, it was seriously chilly.


Didn’t my favourite little tree look pretty?

4 thoughts on “Snow cats

  1. Yes, lavender is a favourite for us as well – that sweet smell and the bees surrounding them, is a reminder that it’s still high summer here in South Africa.
    Though … I still love the picture of your beautiful tree covered in snow 😊

  2. In something like 1977 I took my mum to South Africa because she wanted to see the jacaranda and ride on the Blue Train. What a stunningly beautiful country!

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