Long stormy July

July sky

July seems to be lasting forever. While this rather rubbish year has generally rocketed along, suddenly here in the middle of July it feels endless.

Maybe it’s just that I never did like Summer much. In my childhood I was asthmatic and all the pollen and dust of summer made me suffer. But even later, when asthma was no longer an issue. it was never my time of year.

It’s hot (well, unless you live in Yorkshire, apparently). It’s buggy. It’s noisy, although living where I now do, I can’t complain of this. When I lived in the suburbs, I detested the sound of lawn mowers and people working outside and all the noises that came in through open windows. Not a factor in Cambridge.

How can I not like Summer, when it brings back all my outside friends and brings new babies?

And some older, new friends?

Where were you last year, Mrs Plod?

But some of my sweet new friends, like these little doves

Are picked off one by one, by a hawk 🙁

I suppose he has to raise his babes as well.

But it always makes me sad:(

What’s really making July long for me is the reduction of my pain medication, the additional pain, occasional emotional dips and the anxiety about how the rest of this phase will go. I haven’t enjoyed it much so far, but I’m afraid the worst by far is to come.

However, last week I got to meet the doctor of pharmacology who is to help me through it and he gave me hope. I have to meet the pain management team and see what other alternatives may work for me. In the past I have had varying experiences with acupuncture.

Being comfortable with the acupuncturist and the clinic itself is the only way it is going to work. I once was treated by a man reputed to be brilliant. He had a whole following of devotees but he set us all up in a small room together. That was never going to work for me. It needs to be one on one.

For me, the clinic needs to be “spiritual”. Soft music that we mutually agree on, incense, that works for me too. I had treatments at a couple of clinics that were noisy with street sounds and in one case it seemed like children bashing around outside the door. That sure didn’t work!

But when it does, it can take pain away in an instant. I had sciatic pain really badly once and it was relieved in an instant by the right pin in the right place. That was years ago and only now is that particular pain returning. A challenge for my new team! They have a selection of other alternatives. Some that didn’t work before are perhaps more effective now. There’s always hope…


In the meantime, the cats continue to distract me.

Willow and her sleeping arrangements for one.

Like all cats, Willow likes boxes. But they have to be, just so…

And exclusive to Willow.

So now, Willow’s box, carved specially with windows, is kept, during the day, in a cupboard.

When I retire for the night, out it comes and no-one else is allowed to inspect it!

After a short period of gardening this morning, I came in hot and bothered to take a shower, after which, on cue, I found another puddle.

Of liquid, not water.

I howled. When will it end? Why in my bathroom?

But then I re-evaluated because maybe it was partly water.

I gave Grant the happy news that I had discovered another potential leak, from an ancient worn out washer.

But he only heard the first part of my report about cats peeing in my bathroom and he growled.

“Shut the door. I’m not fixing anymore pee-problems. My knees are worn out and they hurt.”

Well, wait till you’re my age mate!

Patches likes her new box in the bathroom!

Grant is ticked off because UPS lost part of his shipment and after 3 weeks he hasn’t been able to get a straight answer about it.

Basically because you can’t speak to a human being anymore, apparently.

When I was watering the flower beds recently, I found an old watering can and had left it inside the front door.

Now Lily and Sasha are drinking from it.

Although Lily prefers to dip and lick.

We have drinking bowls throughout the house, of course.

2 thoughts on “Long stormy July

  1. Precious kitties always make the days more bearable, don’t they? Best wishes for a successful treatment plan with your new team.

  2. Take care and I hope you get relief to your pain! It is also pretty cold in Finland like it has been this July, 13-15 C daily, but now it is getting warmer (20-25 C).

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