Garden tour

A very pretty orange butterfly flitted past my window as I gazed out looking for inspiration. It drew me into the garden where I soon acquired some 165 photographs, none of them of a butterfly.

These are not yet fully in bloom, obviously, but I think they are almost prettier at this stage, just as I find early Spring more attractive than Full Spring.

Nothing at all special here.

But I enjoy the variety of shades and textures.

Tilting the lens up a bit, to include some trees.

It was the wrong time of day and the light too harsh, so the sky disappears in a white haze. It was actually bright blue.

From a different angle, it’s a slight improvement.

My dad would be highly critical.

(He was a trained photographer.)

Queen Anne’s Lace and anonymous insect.

and some kind of berries…

Um….pods or flowers?

Creamy white things.

Possibly “Maidenstears.”

Grapes. There shall not be wine, however.

“Spirea Alba Du Roi.”

According to PlantNet

…..and this, they say, is

“Spreading Dogbane.”

That was the garden tour.

I love the sky this time of year.

After a whole tour sans butterfly, I almost got one from the living room window:

Very pretty, but uncooperative!

3 thoughts on “Garden tour

  1. Carolyn, thank you so much for the lovely garden tour. It’s nice to see plants that don’t grow in my area. I think you have much better weather and climate than we do down here in Texas. We are sweltering in a heat wave right now with high temps above 100 degrees. The weather forecasters are predicting a cool down of highs around 99 degrees! Surprisingly, that one or two degree drop does make a difference.

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