Obeying the rules…or not…

Social distancing being observed

It looked as though even the birds were observing the rules today, on their chow line.

At least they got the message from our Governor, Mr Cuomo, even if him in the White House didn’t.

It’s so embarrassing having him for a president.

Fortunately, I have entertainment to distract me…

Grant called out yesterday afternoon: “Some creature is digging in Ellie’s patch.” Just a wild turkey taking a dust bath. It must have flattened her seedlings.

Then Mother Deer came by with her little one who skipped off into the tall grass.

The bird feeders are constantly busy. Hairy Woodpecker and Mr Grosbeak. Mrs Grosbeak had trouble choosing which seed to take:

….so she took a few.

Having politely asked Master Groundhog aka “Chucky”, not to eat my flowers, this is what I witnessed this morning:

In the nick of time, I tapped on the window…

and the little bugger fled.

I’m so cruel.

But this is what he was going to eat:

White Belly witnessed the whole thing and he was shocked.

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  1. Love, love, love your blog! Love your yard, too. Wish I had one like it with all the wildlife to entertain.

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