Little drinkers

A crack of dawn appointment this morning rather disrupted things. We got home in time to feed the crowd, then we grabbed our own lunches and left the kitchen “for later”.

Quite a bit later, I finally went to have a look at what seemed a bit of a disaster area and I saw poor Penny sitting beside the draining board, waiting patiently for water to flow.

Grant’s “drink it” monsters.

The wildlife like our bar services too

She even gets a bar stool

Carrots make me thirsty.

(According to Grant)

It’s all very well for the outside creatures to keep drinking, but when you have to wait for three cats to drink before you can get to the sink, it gets a bit old, and if you try to ignore them, they fix you with a look: “But I’m parched!!!!” You just give in. It’s easier.

********** **********

What won’t be easy, at all, is what my new PCP, who I met this morning, has proposed.

Not that I think it’s a bad idea. I think it would have been a fab idea if someone had proposed it in, say 2007. It’s a bit late now, but even if I wasn’t willing, I don’t have much option.

My new PCP is not willing to renew, long term, the dreaded oxycodone I have been taking for the past 13+ years. He is young and graduated with a whole new school of thought. Oxy went out years ago and now it’s not the thing at all.

And I had been debating asking for an increase. Still, Dr N’s proposal makes better sense. It is just scaring the hell out of me. I remember how I felt when I was hospitalized briefly and went into withdrawal,because they withheld my meds . Mustn’t think about that.`

Because I don’t want, sometime in the future, to suddenly discover that I can’t get the wretched drug and have to go “cold turkey”. I am to work with a pharmacist who apparently knows how to ween people off these sorts of drugs.

As for the pain, I am going to have to manage it with Lyrica which is the new “in thing.” That will be interesting…..

Grant has announced he’s going to cook tonight. I think I shall retire to my bed.

Tomorrow’s another day.

7 thoughts on “Little drinkers

  1. I wish you luck with the Lyrica. I have a friend that has been on Oxy for years and she was recently switched to Tylenol 3 and she says it controls her pain much better.

  2. That’s good to know. I’ve been on different strengths of Lyrica and it makes the difference of being able to get up in the morning or staying in bed. I think it gives me headaches but maybe without the Oxy it will work better. I’ve always been willing to try what is suggested. I just dread the withdrawal symptoms…how was it for your friend?

  3. First cats get to drink 😊 I have two Norwegian forest cats and yes they get everything first! Have a great weekend

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