Thanks be

Cooper’s Hawk (we think)

This beautiful chap came searching for his Thanksgiving lunch this afternoon….

Note to self: remove window screens, for better photographs,  - the making thereof.

Stern note to self: Sort out and organise photographs!!!!  - for easier finding thereof

Since the warm weather left, taking most of our bird friends with it, we are now mostly feeding what we refer to as the “DD Birds”.

Tiny birds, like sparrows, juncos, chickadees, etc, are sometimes called “dickey-birds” in England. It’s not disrespectful, but rather a term of endearment. At least, that’s the way I take it. I love the little guys every bit as much as their bigger avian cousins.

The reason we call them the “DD birds” is because that is the sound chickadees make: “ddd…ddd…ddd” which is probably why they got officially called chickadees. It took me forever to work out which bird was making the sound. You’d think the penny would have dropped! Anyway, small birds around here are all “DD birds”, and that’s that.

Last Spring, I was forever chasing off the neighbor’s cat Pancho, who seemed to regard my front porch as his personal canteen.

Now he’s gone to live elsewhere, of course, I miss his naughty face in my window.

While it’s really upsetting to find a pile of feathers where a hawk has seized one of my friends for a snack, I can at least accept that this is Nature at work.

After all, I love hawks too.

Thanks  be, to whatever Force creates birds and animals, fish and flowers to make our Planet Earth such a wonderful home. May  we soon find a way to preserve it.

One thought on “Thanks be

  1. The Cooper’s Hawk is amazing!
    Always a pleasure to see all your furry friends!
    Thanks for sharing them here.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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