Endless small delights…

Mr Katz mentioned on his blog yesterday the importance of finding delight in the many small pleasures of daily life and I thought I would enumerate a few of mine:

The picture above of a little hedgehog, just one of a delightful selection of greeting cards by Sarah Boddy.com. I love the pictures so much, I hate to part with them, so anyone who gets one knows they are special!

Can there be a littler delight than the sensation of teeny tiny ladybird feet on your hand? I adore these unique little friends, although I am going to have to learn more about them so I can be more helpful to them.

A particular delight just yesterday was finally overcoming Sophia’s terror of me.

Sophia came to live in my house in Washington 5 years ago. At some point in her kitten-hood, something had terrorised her beyond measure and finding herself in my foster quarters, she hunkered down in a cubby, up on a shelf.

She got used to seeing my hand delivering her food twice a day and after 3 years, she finally allowed me to extend my hand to pet her.

We then enjoyed a happy relationship until I moved us all back to New York State. Sophia did the journey overland with 5 companions, in a customised SUV. The journey sadly undid all of Sophia’s progress.

I found myself once again persona no-grata.

Until the other night when I was petting Willow in her fireside bed, next to Sophia and I was allowed once more to extend my hand.

Yesterday morning I wondered if Sophia would revert to running from me but something has apparently shifted in Sophia’s evaluation of this person she lives with. She welcomed me most warmly and my heart was truly delighted.

How could I not be delighted, upon looking up, to see this sweet face at my window?

One should never take for granted the absolute delight of the privilege to have running water!

My garden this summer provided many weeks of delight as each flower bloomed at its own special time. There seemed always to be a colourful face to greet me every day.

These are just some of the many little visitors that delight me by sharing my space. There are many more!

A short walk with a friend of a beautiful Fall Day.

It can only be short, because my legs and back don’t allow me to go far, but I am delighted to be able to walk at all.

Sunrise,,,the start of another delightful day

For me, there is nothing more delightful than sinking my face into Willow’s coat and hearing her purr.

How does she always smell so sweet? Like gently scented talcum powder.

There are so many more delights surrounding us every day. We just need to stop for a moment and pay heed.

Thank you Jon Katz, for your post!

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  1. I loved each and every one of your photos today. Great minds think alike, as they say, and I share your love of all these things. I’m going to check out Sarah Boddy. The hedgehog is so cute!

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