In the dark

0722/21st November 2022

When I came to this morning, I lifted my head and the greying light persuaded me that it was snowing, so I invited Blackie under the covers for a warm cuddle.

Once I’m awake, though, it becomes a necessity to stretch and work out the kinks, the price of a good night’s sleep!

So I rose reluctantly, from my cosy bed and slowly began the morning routine.


It wasn’t even close to snowing and soon the Sun rose flooding the house with its golden cheer.

The show doesn’t last long, but I always enjoy seeing my crystals illuminated.

Memorials for departed friends, bright lights that they all were in my life.


As we sat eating supper last night, I observed that there had been no flights of geese for a few days.

It is said that if you talk about animals, they show up!

We were on the road one day when Grant said suddenly that we hadn’t seen wild turkey’s for a long time.

The words not fully out of his mouth when: “Turkeys!”


This morning, here came the geese!


We drove, the other day, toward Petersburgh, taking the cross-country route to avoid traffic.

Around here, 3 cars constitutes traffic.

But cross-country is always interesting.

We were now re-tracing our journey.


With all the ups and downs, I’d lost track of our whereabouts, altitude-wise and was quite surprised to catch sight, suddenly, of distant hills.


Over that hill, we plunged down again.

Alright, we coasted slowly.


Briefly, we joined a main road, braving the hectic Sunday traffic.

Quickly turning off again.


The people who built this road had a dippy sense of humour.

Fortunately, we’d slowed before that dip, in anticipation of seeing the farm animals I wanted a better look at.


Going the other way Grant had spotted…


this fine fellow, lazily gnoshing on a hay bale.


I always want to leap out and cuddle animals, though I doubt they would be all that happy about it. Perhaps if I was armed with apple and carrots.

As a kid I was terrified of cows and I’d love to be able to put that fear to the test now.

Perhaps I wouldn’t start with long horns there.


Grant intended returning in the dark.


The GPS would warn him of turns,


and he would watch out for wildlife…


..but the house he had to go to turned out to be down a leafy lane where it would be really dark, past a few places that we wouldn’t have chosen to visit in broad daylight.

As I mentioned before, we’re not paranoid, just cautious.


“So, you’re still going to do this?” I asked.

He said he was. I had no intention of going out in the dark.

After 5 pm I turn into a pumpkin.

But I am a worrier and sitting home imagining the worst…

“So am I coming with you?”


He didn’t say no, which would have given me an out.

“You realise that without the distraction of scenery, I’m likely to chatter?”

“It’s alright.”

Looked like I was going out in the dark.


Anything is better than sitting at home worrying. I did a lot of that, years ago.

Not that there was really any reason for concern about this proposed venture, or he wouldn’t have been doing it.

Me being along for the ride was hardly going to provide protection! It was merely an anxiety-deterrent for me.


With no reason whatsoever, my brain can conjure up the most horrendous scenarios. I’ve always preferred being part of any drama rather than sitting on the sidelines.

Would I rather be in the bus, than watching it crash?

Well, perhaps not that


It’s just that I like being kept informed.

Which is pretty funny for an ex-airline employee.


Needless to say, we went and returned in total safety.

We didn’t actually see Petersburgh in the end, but I’m sure we’ll go back sometime.

5 thoughts on “In the dark

  1. Your countryside looks somehow (at least landscape) similar to ours. I love animals too and would always like to cuttle them. Actually, at least cuttling cats, lower blood pressure, which is good😊

  2. We never drive in the dark – there are just too many loose animals (and people) around here that can unexpectedly walk into the road. Even if we drive from a restaurant or friends in the evening, we are always very careful. Oh, and there are plenty of potholes too. So it is better to be at your home (or destination) when the sun goes down 🙂.

  3. I like to be home by 4:30 pm in the dark months, and rarely venture out after that time. One reason why I resent winter, and the clocks going back. Such long evenings ahead, until things start to change again in March.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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