Two hours

0854/1st November 2023

At 7 am, when Toby demanded another snack, it had not yet started to snow and it only lasted a couple of hours.

A gentle easing into winter.


Willow has seen snow many times, from a window.

Given a chance for closer inspection, she declined, looking disgusted.


The younger cats didn’t even approach the door, but Penny marched right out.

Soon she gave me her “pick me up” look but I was on the phone, so Grant came to get her.

It’s usually in his arms that she takes her “walks”.


Toby, arguably the most decrepit, was undaunted.

He set course for the buddleia and waddled steadfastly out.


He found himself a nice piece of grass for his digestion.

For a long time we thought Toby had some sort of digestive ailment and three times we prepared to lose him, only to see him bounce back.


When cats are done, they have a look about them. I’ve always told myself I recognised when it was time to step in and end their suffering.

But Toby has made me wonder, did I?


He moves with difficulty, but he is alert and interested and quite determined to take these walks.

He wants a small snack every two hours but is rake-thin.

Grooming him has become impossible so, from time to time I quickly snip out the worst mats.


Matted hair pulls on a cat’s skin and can cause great discomfort.

Penny has the same problem so recently Grant snipped off a long patch down her spine. A bit drafty today!

Dear old M used to wear a jacket, but most cats aren’t keen.

If you get the jacket on, the cat likely sits unmoving, spitting daggers.


Toby’s 2-hourly feedings are not awfully convenient, but he is such a sweet old boy and we love him to bits.

When he sleeps with me, I keep a small bottle of kibble under my pillow.

Then when the boy nudges me, I tip a few bits out.

This works during the night, but after 6 am Toby is more persistent and I roll out of bed.

It’s better than an alarm clock, anyway!


Snow provided many new images.


This is an “un-authorised” plant that was allowed to stay because it is pretty and cheerful. It bloomed right up to yesterday’s frost and even then I didn’t want to remove it.

After taking this morning’s picture, I thought it was time, but then I changed my mind and let it stay.


In its own way it is still pretty.


There is something poignant about end-of-season flowers covered in snow.


As previously mentioned, I am not a fan of Christmas, but if I was this would be my tree.

Simple and a little off-centre.

It would have to remain outdoors of course, because cats and Christmas trees….

A friend once found out the hard way what happens to Christmas trees in a cat household. The cat stayed but I think the husband almost left!


Usually most of the leaves are down before snow.


The sight of these trees at the end of the driveway struck me as rather lovely.


As the temperature rose, I kept an eye on the rapidly changing image.


And when the sun came out, it was as if those two hours had never happened.

How nice if we could erase all undesired events with such ease.

6 thoughts on “Two hours

  1. Oh wonderful, I love it when you start showing snow pictures! So Toby is the only brave cat among the lot 🙂. Good for the old boy. Your photos are lovely, especially the trees with leaves covered in snow – how beautiful nature is!

  2. Thank you for sharing your story! It’s heartwarming to see how well you’ve been looking after Toby the cat. Despite Toby’s health challenges, he seems to be in good spirits and curious about his surroundings. You’re doing a wonderful job taking care of Toby and it’s a reminder to all of us about the importance of caring for our pets. The images of the snow-covered trees and the beauty they bring are truly captivating. Keep up the great work and enjoy the winter’s beauty!

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