First frost

0734/31st October 2023

The time change here does not take effect until next weekend, but for the past three days we have been running an hour behind which is discombobulating.

Will we get back on track next Sunday?

What input will our 10 feline friends have?


It remains to be seen!

In the meantime, after two days of rain, last night brought our first frost and a very changed landscape.


Much colour remains and we decided to take advantage of fair weather while it lasts.

Tomorrow morning this scene could all be white.


If it comes it won’t stick, as daytime temperatures are predicted to be well above freezing, but it is likely to have a dampening effect!

Anyway already late, we went shooting off to see what we could see, with the result I have no time at all to do a proper post.


So I thought I would offer first frost.


Frosted mullein.


It’s a curious plant


One grew a stalk 7 ft tall.

These decided to concentrate on form.


Brave Gaillardia.

Blooming till the end.


It’s a tough little plant.

It seems to overcome all manner of disasters, always turning a cheerful face.


Sage keeps growing, no matter what.

5 thoughts on “First frost

  1. Thank you, Carolyn, for you valiant efforts to make frost and winter attractive. As I hate cold, ice, snow, and winter, your efforts are lost o me. Perhaps, you could show pictures what your part of the world will or looked at spring.


  2. Yep, the signs are there that the season is definitely turning for you 💧. I love your close ups and the gaillardia is so pretty. (I read that this flower’s common name is ‘blanket flower’ … sounds like an appropriate name for the winter cold).

  3. We have been spared a frost, but the morning mists are thick enough to stop us being able to see across the street. That was followed by heavy rain for most of the day, which has just stopped at 4pm. Your frosty photos are lovely!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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