Backed up!

1643/10th October 2023

It’s cleaning day and I think there may be an escape plan in the works.

A very nice lady comes once a month to prevent us from descending into total squalor. I like her a lot and she really doesn’t get in the way at all.

But I so dislike the vacuum cleaner!


Anyway, we aren’t really looking for an escape. Fall is advancing quickly and one must take advantage of fair weather.

So it looks as if we are off to Vermont and other parts, I really need another 200 photographs!


We returned to forlorn cats gazing from the front window.

“Do you not know what time it is?”

They all know precisely what hour it is and will get thrown for a loop when the clocks go back.


There is legislation, reportedly, to do away with annual time adjustments which would be a very good thing.

But it is a very low priority just now.


It’s as well I removed a ton of photographs from my archives last night, as this morning’s impromptu outing produced plenty of replacements.

Three-quarters will be dumped, as shooting from a moving car is more miss than hit. Still, I have to look, and I won’t get to that until…later.


And before I get to those, there are a few others demanding to be shared.

It is amazing how quickly the sky can change. I came in one fine afternoon, sent a couple of emails and then proceeded to the kitchen.

From the window I was surprised to see this splendid cloud.


Surely it was bringing another rainstorm?

But no, 5 minutes later, pretty yellow trees had turned to gold.


Sometimes I wonder if it’s not childish to get such delight from this.


I’ve been called worse than childish!


The cloud apparently resolved not to play the rain game, instead ushering in a splendid evening.


Late yesterday, I was summoned to see a flock of birds that had suddenly descended into yon trees.

As usual, the man did not have his glasses.

Not that I can see even with mine, but my camera lens assists.

If I use the “continuous” setting, one shot in 6 may be in focus. At rest, my hands are still. Holding a camera? Pfft.


Grackles, en-route South, no doubt.


Earlier in the day, I did what I should have done 5 years ago.

Removed the insect screen from one of the back windows. Radical move!

At last, I can take photographs of back there without leaving the house which is apt to scare the subject away and not convenient in deep snow.


Before long, Peanut trotted past.


She is always very alert and as we watched, we saw that there was another fox, make that two foxes…

We had seen two adults and two kits before, but this time the other adult was not so friendly.

A challenge and a chase ensued. My, but do foxes move fast!


Peanut and 1 kit finished their meal.

While the others took their leave.


Why did I not remove that screen before?

There is another window, should I want fresh air.

Soon though, I was looking in another direction, but now I have to sort that subject , so this is where it ends for today.

6 thoughts on “Backed up!

  1. A long time ago, I signed a petition to end the time changes in clocks in the UK. I also wrote to my then MP asking him to support the end of it. But the government proved to be intractible on the issue, (and still is) and my then MP voted against the ending of time changes. I don’t think it is ever going to end in my lifetime.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. So, your brown fall colours have now turned yellow (maybe thanks to the sun) … and it’s splendid! And there you go – another window from which to look at the daily visitors – yeah!

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