0735/17th September 2023

An unwise decision last night led to undesirable results, which I faced immediately upon arising this morning.

Because Lucy has shown a great preference for being on the living room sofa, we decided to let her remain there overnight.


We had been bringing her to my room at night because she knows how to find the litter pan there.

We should have stuck to Plan A, but we placed her box where she could easily access it…

Only that’s not what happened.

Oh well. I have been saying that sofa cover needed washing.


The cover is waterproof, so no real disaster, but of course it didn’t end there…

One thing led to another and within the half hour another cover (also waterproof) had been anointed by Willow who is nursing a sore eye.

Hopefully terramycin will have sorted it out, as it usually does these things.

Poor Willow and her sensitivities.

She has neurological “issues” which may contribute to the problem, but I think she is also insecure.

In part because of Tinkerbelle.


Terrible Tinks has been in overdrive lately, chasing any of the others who don’t stand up to her.

A smack on the nose from the cat in question transfers it from Tinks’ victim list to her don’t try it list.

Willow is a regular target.

Tinks is a little firecracker but inside there is a lovely little cat.


Getting ready to take a swipe at me.

Tinkerbelle was adopted by someone whose idea of caring for a cat was to keep it exclusively on their porch, rain, shine, snow, ice.

Who can blame her for being spikey?

It is upsetting to witness the transformation of a happy-go-lucky, fun animal into one that fears people.


When I wrote, not too long ago about our friend Nibbs, I mentioned that he appeared different.

He looked physically healthy but he was subdued, as if he had abandoned the idea of enjoying life..

He used to have such fun with us.


This morning he appeared at the door and came in for food but almost immediately went back out again. I followed to watch.

He touched noses with Willow.

When he noticed me, for a nano-second I saw the old Nibbs that ran to me for head-bumps. But he gave me the briefest greeting.


He appeared to be exchanging news with Toby as Dee Dee looked on.


He sat on the path with an air of indecisiveness before he wandered off.

It struck me as so melancholy.

Dee Dee and Willow watched him go.

It was as if Nibbs had come to deliver bad news of some sort.


Toby also watched, then decided:

“I’ll come with you to the end of the drive.”


With Toby valiantly following, Nibbs turned to walk up the road,

then came back for a few minutes before finally leaving.


It is only my interpretation that this short visit was melancholy of course, I know.

But Nibbs was such a happy cat.

He was as playful as any cat I’ve known and welcomed petting most enthusiastically.


When he saw us he always charged up chattering a greeting and thrusting his head into our outstretched hands.

When Grant bent to tickle his ears this morning, Nibbs hissed at him.


When he caught sight of me, I saw the barest flash of of this sweet boy, but it was as if he caught himself, scarcely allowing me to say hello.

As I extended my hand he almost cringed as if expecting me to hit him.

Totally removing my personal emotions about it, it is not usual for a cat to change so completely and given his reactions to Grant and myself, one wonders if someone mistreated him.


How sad to see fear where trust used to be in these eyes.

We aren’t sure where he lives. Only that he has an owner because when he first showed up he was wearing a flea collar.

In a State where the law protects only the owners, how is one supposed to help an animal? It is a sad situation.


Not that I think Nibbs needs to be rescued. He seems in good health and as he is free to roam he could quite easily escape if he wanted to.

There may be an explanation. Months ago before his prolonged absence, he was terribly thin. Was he sick?

Perhaps he was confined for all those months that we didn’t see him and maybe his changed attitude is due to being medicated over a period of time.

It would explain why he no longer wants to be touched.


Whatever the case, I hope our little friend will return to his old goofy self.

Not just because we’d like to see it, but because he seemed to enjoy life so much.

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  1. Poor old Nibbs. I really hope it’s just a phase and that he will soon be his old joyful self again! At least he and your cats are communicating, so I’m sure they are encouraging him about whatever is bothering him. If only we could understand them …

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