0920/18th September 2023

An early dental appointment took us out into a world transformed overnight.

It is only a ten-minute trip so there aren’t many photographs, but Fall has arrived.


Too much mist can get dreary, but usually here it doesn’t last long and it creates some moody images.

Just a few days ago these fields were green. I don’t know what crop this is, having never seen it before.


Last year we saw fields of soy but they were a light mauve.

This uniformity of colour makes me believe this is the expected progression and not a crop failure.

A quick online search led me nowhere, so I cannot enlighten you.


It makes for a stunning image.

When the corn is high like this, people create mazes in it, just the sort of thing that would make me very anxious.

At all times, I have to be able to find my way out, be it from a department store, theatre or an aeroplane for that matter.

When travelling by air, I always used to count the rows to the exits.


There is a slight possibility that I may be a little bit obsessive. I have become distracted by a fly and I need to remove it from the house.

In general, I am not keen on flies because they step on your stuff and you never know just where their little feet may have been.


But that is not my major problem with them. As long as they don’t hang around me and stay out of the kitchen, I can ignore them.

But there is a particular fly that appears determined to drive me mad.

It “buzzzes” about my head and lands on my desk, even on me.


(This is not it)

Just now, the wretched thing had the sauce to land on my screen.

Skillfully, I caught it in my trap, an old plastic container. Sliding a thin piece of card between computer screen and container, I intended to take my captive outside, only somehow I fumbled it and the thing escaped. Curses.

Never mind. I got a second chance and this time, off fly went into the damp afternoon.

Coming back indoors a new one shot over my shoulder and through the door with me.

Obsessed. Yes.


Flies carry disease and it is better not to have them around, but there is a much deeper reason for my obsession.


This particular fly, which follows me around and torpedoes my head, reminds me of a person who harassed me for many years.

Every time I turned around, there he was. Even at work.

With my airline discount, in 1970 I went away with a colleague. Horribly jet-lagged, we fell into bed in Hong Kong, only to be awakened by the phone.

The man telephoned me in Fiji as well.

In those days overseas calls were a big deal but even halfway around the world I could not escape his clutches.

Every time that fly dive-bombs me, I can’t help thinking he’s come back.


While I may be a bit eccentric, I am actually a perfectly sensible person and I truly don’t believe the man reincarnated as a fly to continue his harassment.

It’s just an indication of how deeply that sort of harassment can affect you.


This wasn’t at all what I intended to write.

What a relief it will be when the flies go off and do whatever they do in winter.


Regrettably, Ms Willow’s eye is still not right so in a short while we have to sneakily scoop her into a carrier and whisk her to the vet.

When we got home from the dentist, Willow was waiting proudly to show us how she had captured a mouse.

“My eye is fine!” she insisted.

5 thoughts on “Pests

  1. Oh, poor Willow! I enjoy your blog daily and love to see the change of seasons there compared to here in the Midwest. You photography is always inspiring, and I think of you whenever I look at the sky now!

    1. You can have life free from any pest without killing anyone by sprinkling each room with the product called “Crystal Opus”, Carolyn! It is a spider, insect mouse repelent, and it smell lovely but the pests hate it. It is not toxic, natural concoction of peppermint, lavender and citronella.
      You can get it on Amazon, but don’t dilute just sprinkle as it is. It works perfectly!


  2. Oh yes, I can clearly see fall has arrived … is it just me, or did it literally happen overnight! The fly that bothers me the most is when I take a lazy nap on a hot summer day and it zooms around my head! I would feel very uncomfortable when someone harasses me (and it’s amazing how much of an impact it can have on one’s life). The things that Willow won’t do to convince you that a trip to the vet is unnecessary 🙂. Hope her eye is better soon.

  3. That fly would not have survived in my house. Those filthy things are consigned to the swatter, then dumped in the nearest bin.
    Definitely autumn here. Maximum of 15C today and very wet, with more rain on the way. Yesterday afternoon, it rained so hard on my way back from the shops that my automatic headlights came on in the darkness at 3pm.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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