Main Street, Greenwich. 25th August 2023

It doesn’t matter that I’m a useless gardner since there are lots of flowers to enjoy elsewhere.


As we drove through Greenwich yesterday, I caught sight briefly of a flower so huge I decided it must be artificial and made a note to get a better look on the way back.

However as we pulled in to the parking lot at the eye care clinic, my question was answered!

My mother would have been impressed by the size of these hibiscus.

It’s a flower I had always thought of as tropical but it turns out there is a hardy variety that thrives in our climate.


My mallow may be a poor relation, but I am very pleased with it.

This morning it had on its rainy-day attitude, protecting the delicate blooms.

Since I’ve had time to pay attention, I love to watch the way flowers move, opening after dawn and tracking the sun by turning their heads.

Such a small thing to be delighted in!


River Birches and hydrangea

looking awfully fine.


Approaching the pond slowly, in case the heron was around, we had to be satisfied with a reflection.

Though I’m not sure what of. Two suggestions were offered:

Rushes, but they aren’t in the pond.

Mountain laurel, but there’s no mountain.


So until I remember to get a close-up, they are just pretty pink flowers.


You’ll be glad to know, I’m sure, that Mallow is fully awake now, despite today’s continued gloom.

“It’s not going to keep us down!”

I can understand now why flowers always cheered my mother. She seemed to have genuine affection for them.

She did not grow them for the sake of having a good show. She really liked them.

They were her friends.


It was with reluctance that I gave in and allowed Willow to explore without.

Recently, Patches reinforced the reason for my misgivings…

She never strayed from the immediate vicinity of the house. Until yesterday.

She was nowhere to be found.


Grant made a grand tour, widening the circle, trying not to look agitated.

Patches not so much walks as lurches along, never getting up speed.

Where could she be?

We re-checked the house in case she somehow got back in but the more we looked…


Lily and Dee Dee go off on extended walks regularly. As did Toby until recently.

They can usually be summoned back by a loud shaking of the treat container.

We have no idea where Patches got to. Just as Grant looked about to get worried, she sauntered in.


After losing Mohammed and not knowing what happened to him, I swore I would never allow it to happen again.

In suburbia allowing a cat to roam is an invitation to heartbreak.

Here in the country, limited outings? I still have issues, but Willow had taken to sitting by the door, gazing out…


It was obvious she knew I didn’t want her to go out because if she heard me coming, she’d scurry away from the door.

Perhaps I had put out vibes.

It was a matter of time, of course.


First it was just by the front door.


Soon, Blackie was out too.

Miss Scared of Everything!

“What about if a delivery truck comes?”

She would run back in, I was assured.

My fear is that she might be startled and rush for cover somewhere else.

Alright. She’s smart enough to find her way back in.

It is possible I worry too much.


“Yes you do!”

Lily has had me close to tears a time or two although I am getting accustomed to her extended walk-a-bouts.

Lily is a free spirit and always has been.

She is my senior girl and I love her to bits. These days she mostly hangs out with Grant, but that is fine.

She is happy, which is what matters.


“When you going to get us another nippy-nippy plant?”

The poor catnip plant actually still has life, but with cats poking it twice a day, it doesn’t have much of a chance.


Before long, Willow was into further explorations.

“Who made this path in our garden?”


“What’s ’round this corner?”

“And this one?”


“And what about over there?”

“I’m sure I should go check!”


Nowadays, Willow and Blackie hang out by the door together which is not extraordinary, but it’s a sign of change.

Grant believes they are happier having found some freedom, more relaxed perhaps.


He may be right, but personally I think I had observed subtle changes before the “liberation”.

Where one change occurs, others follow, like that row of dominoes falling. Trying to figure out which one fell first, that’s a puzzle.

Maybe I’ll write about it tomorrow.

Like Lily, Willow is a free spirit. I pray that she will always stay within my orbit.

8 thoughts on “Puzzles

  1. Your Greenwich is VERY different to th real Greenwich, in South-East London. Did you ever go there?
    I really like that Hibiscus plant you saw there. My lind of flower, very impressive.
    In my experience, cats are solitary, wandering animals. They come back when they please, and worry the life out of their owners. (Or should that be slaves?) Dogs almost never run off and explore (unless rescued from bad situations) as they usually want to be as close to us as possible.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I often think of myself as slave. Cats are curious creatures and often misunderstood, I think. Every one I have known has been different. Often they refuse to have a relationship with you (such as Kina and Tinkerbelle) Many are happy you live with you for convenience. Then there are some that bond to you. Mohammed, Yeti, Panther, Willow. But there is no figuring them out. I love how dogs are so expressive and enthusiastic. Of course cats look down on such behaviour as undignified! I’d love to bring a dog in here for an afternoon!

  2. Wow, the hibiscus flowers are absolutely beautiful! Actually, all flowers in your post today are lovely. I have to say, the cats seem quite happy to be roaming around outside – it must be hard to keep an eye on them all!

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