0700/23rd June 2023

The dear little darlings will say they try to help me by waking me early, but they have not yet learned to wake me for a good sunrise.

Inhumane to wake me early otherwise.

It will be some time before dawn becomes manageable again.


Nibbs has been helping me with the morning rounds.

“Nuffink for me?”

He is one energetic cat.

And full of beans first thing in the morning.


He suddenly shot off across the porch.


After Zoomer the chipmunk, no doubt.

“Where’d it go?”


“Jus’ like dat. He vanish in fik air!”

It certainly does appear that way sometimes. The Chipmunks have a hole right in the middle of the grass and when something threatens, they have a homing beacon.

From wherever they stand, they zoom off at the speed of light and straight down the hole.

So fast it seems like a trick.


Having located the hole, Nibbs decided to wait.

“Got to come up eventually!”

Knowing Zoomer’s inclination for tempting fate, I dropped a few peanuts down his hole.

To tide him over.

In search of photographs, I moved on, persuading the boy to accompany me.


He was no help at all because he ate a potential subject.

“It tickled my foot, missus!”


Nothing to really get excited about.

It appears I have a crop of wheat growing around my house.

At least, that’s what PlantNet would have me believe.

Well, I have a mortar and pestle. I suppose I could pound it if push comes to shove.


(The pounding part anyway.)


There’s lots to see here if you squint a bit.

Capturing a decent image is a challenge. Maria Wulff’s photo on Full Moon Fiber Art (20th June) far superior.

She posts a lot of very cool pictures on Facebook.


The way some plants catch the light reminds me of stained glass windows.


Not exactly the plant, but the colour I suppose, that catches the light.


The milkweed is ready for butterflies but I must not obsess about it this year.

Last year we had a bumper crop and quite a few caterpillars but sadly not a single successful butterfly launch.


While I am fairly fatalistic and accept that very often there is not a happy ending, it does trouble me that many sad endings are directly attributable to our species.

Each year there are changes in what I see around my property. I can control, to some extent what grows here, but I cannot control the climate or the quality of our air.

So every time I see a new born animal or a plant flourishing, or merely a spectacular day, I celebrate and I never take for granted that I shall always have the privilege of such delights.

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  1. Sweet, what a nice “helper” His Nibbs is 😉 … but I think it’s more to see if there might be something for him to eat (and hopefully that doesn’t include little Zoomer). That’s something I try to remember every day – to never take anything for granted. Thanks for the reminder 💌.

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