Small delights

0745/6th May 2023

In principle, I am not a fan of mist.

Even with the advantages of modern technology, I like the pilot of any aeroplane I happen to be on, to be able to see where they are going.

Back in the days before all said advantages, mist caused my airline colleagues and I a lot of trouble from time to time.

Three times, I ended up somewhere other than where I had intended. Which is actually not bad over such a long period of time, I’ll grant.

As a kid, my asthma was always worse when the weather was foggy, though that may have been due to the extra pollutants present in fog.

Damp conditions do no favours to old bones.

So, not a fan.



“Misty morning’s are lovely, missus!”


It turned out to be a delightful morning…

“Oh! I say, who are you?”

My name is Master Sparrow. And you are?”


“Maybe he’s deaf, dear.”

“Or perhaps he doesn’t speak Sparrow.”


“Well I’m hungry, so stuff etiquette.”


“Please forgive my husband, whoever you are,”

“And do please help yourself!”


“Must you always let the side down!”

“Yes, I must. Stop nagging!”


“Did I miss something?”


Luckily we didn’t.

Given the mist and the diminutive size of the new visitor, not to mention distraction of the eleven cats clamouring for breakfast…

Suddenly, Grant exclaimed:

“Who’s that?


We have Bluebirds and Blue Jays,

but this little bird is really blue!


passerine bird perched on wood
Photo by David Levinson on

Maybe even bluer than a Stellar’s Jay


Out came the bird book. I knew I had seen this bird’s picture, but we had never seen it anywhere else.

An Indigo Bunting.

A member of the cardinal family. It eats seeds and insects and migrates at night using stars to navigate.


Any day that starts with a new bird sighting is a good day, but it had already started out quite well….

Little wet bunnies


Whenever I am at the far end of the house, I glance out the window, just in case.

This morning: A Wild Turkey.

A female, I think.


Their feathers are quite beautiful.


It’s easy, when there is snow on the ground, to track the comings and goings of wildlife.

On the other hand….

Dual carriageway


While I like to consider myself broadminded, I often narrow my focus.

To find all sorts of delights.

7 thoughts on “Small delights

  1. What a wonderful post! I have never seen an indigo bunting at the feeders. I do see them alongside the fields, and at the edge of the woods, and they are, indeed, the bluest of birds. While I hear the gobbling turkeys constantly, I never see them up close around here. I am in awe of your photos and look forward to them every day.

  2. A real treat of wildlife, Carolyn. I don’t mind misty mornings at this time of year. It usually heralds a sunny day to come once the sunshine clears it away.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Well, even if you’re not a fan of misty mornings … your photos are beautiful! I grew up in a small place where it was usually misty in the morning (probably 300 days of the years) – your photos brings back great memories. Oh, it’s so nice to see the different animals in your yard – the little blue birdie is beautiful!

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