Equal time

1615/4th May 2023

As the trees have filled out, I’ve been watching the hills opposite and I noticed a white streak that I am sure was not there before.

Trees that are late to leaf?

Dead trees wouldn’t be neatly lined up.

Looking with the zoom lens, I decided these are trees with white flowers


But I am intrigued why I never noticed them before.

They are hardly recently planted.

And what sort of tree are they?


We passed that hill earlier today, but there is no road up and I couldn’t get a good look from the car.

So, another mystery.


Change occurs so swiftly outside my window, if I don’t happen to turn my head at the right moment, I miss it.


By 6 pm our valley has lost the Sun.

But its golden rays light distant hills.

And bathe the top of “white tree” hill.


The sight is one I can’t ignore.


Finally last night, I sat at my PC.

But I’d abandoned my watch too soon.

The hills were no longer lit, but low clouds were.


Suddenly a great conflagration!

Just beyond the horizon.


After what seemed no time at all, I was back outside filling seed trays and leaving small piles of nuts for my friends.

Gimpy the Crow must roost nearby because he shows up promptly.

That’s his bad foot.


Half a lifetime ago on Long Island, my aunt and I used to watch wildlife in her back garden.

One summer there was a Blue Jay that had lost a foot so we called it Stumpy.

Stumpy managed very well and I think poor Gimpy would be better off without the foot which impedes his hopping.


However, he seems to cope…

He may be a she. How can you tell?


Crows strike me as a very masculine sort of bird.

They have such attitude.

Maybe it’s because I was convinced my cat Panther was a re-incarnated Crow.

With his bandy legs, he had that strut.

Yesterday, Gimpy found a piece of suet.


“Yo! Lady! You takin’ my picture?”


As I watched, Gimpy picked up the large piece of suet and flew off with it.

“Oh good for you, Gimpy!” I cried.

How could he fly with such a weight in his beak?


Not long after, another friend was back.

The other day, Tinkerbelle was very rude to him, so now he is uncertain about coming in.

He peers in nervously, to see if she’s about.

Then runs the gauntlet.

Once in, he tours the house as if he owns it, then if there is no evidence of a meal in the offing, he wants back out.

“I’ll be back later. “Bye!”

Nibbs has his own library of images now.

If I’m not careful I shall be getting complaints from Dee Dee.

She’s been taking notes and muttering about “equal blog time.”

Which Nibbs thinks is hysterical.

8 thoughts on “Equal time

  1. We too are having an odd experience with some trees that line a road leading into town. We’ve lived in our area for more than 20 years. All of a sudden, we are seeing trees that never flowered, flowering now. The way I see it, this is a year to keep an eye on.

    1. I’ve never lived as long in a place where I could watch Nature and it is so interesting to see the changes that occur from year to year.

  2. Ha, I’m thinking now of George Orwell’s quote from Animal Farm: “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”. Don’t let Dee Dee hear this – she might get suspicious! Love your photos of the trees today … and those white lined trees are something special.

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