Shopping trip

1802/1st Mat 2023

It can all be explained, scientifically.

But it still seems like magic, that leaden days which ought to cast the world into gloom, sometimes light it up.

We’ve had several such of late…

Monday afternoon.

The light seemed to come from within.

My breakfast view on Tuesday morning.

Route 372 catches the light but some days that light seems to radiate.


See what I mean?

It seems to entice me…


We needed a few things, so went out.

To the disappointment of His Nibbs, too late for breakfast. He huffed off up the hill.

First we headed for the Post Office, driving through our tiny village.

Past the Pretty Tree, so called by me because it is just that, pretty, no matter the season.

We discovered that it was in fact damaged by the wicked heavy wet snow we had recently.

You can see a broken branch there in the centre.

But its spirit is intact!

A mess of poles and cables. A typical village in rural America.

But I love to see Mount Tom and the Green Mountains of Vermont beyond, especially on a misty morning.



Parked at the Post Office, I noticed an angry sky had been pursuing us.

It provided a splendid backdrop.



As we drove away, a row of trees lined up nicely.

Then the angry sky came into full view.

Yet yon hill was all lit up.


Follow the yellow-lined road….”


Serious clouds….

…”Hello, cooey !


Up the hill, past the “ghost trees” and the horses…

…then we came to the “bends”, through the woods which are filling in fast.

By now it was pouring, but the darker it got, the greener the trees appeared.

At Big Lots, we picked up a new toaster and the Sun winked into view for a moment.

Throwing some yellow paint around at the Hannaford’s parking lot.

Shopping done, we dove back out of Greenwich as the heavens really opened.

“Puts the nix on your photographs!” said Grant

as rain lashed the windshield.

Well, maybe not…

8 seconds later.

Would you believe?

Unconventional photographs, but I revel in this sort of weather!

It’s almost schizophrenic

Growling and thrashing one minute

and benign the next.

Perhaps it’s second childhood, where everything delights?

While I don’t recall being entertained by the weather in England when I was a child, I was certainly impressed by the monsoons in Asia.

Back where we started with 372 waving at me through the trees.

Approaching home and not even late for cat lunches!

As we turned onto our road…

The weather had been pursuing us.

“Impressed, are you?”

Quite! Yes, thank you!

“Oh me too!”


8 thoughts on “Shopping trip

  1. Thank you, Carolyn, for your weather musing, and beautiful trees. The cute creature at the end wasn’t bad either.


  2. I really enjoy your posts. I’ll be heading sort of in your direction a month from now. My 65th reunion at Middlebury College. My daughter-in-law and her daughter are driving me from their home in Connecticut.

  3. I wouldn’t mind having a view like that while enjoying breakfast! And I also like your “typical village in rural America” ā€‹ā€‹… looks like my kind of village šŸ˜‰. What a beautiful drive to get a toaster – I am certainly impressed!

  4. Wow. The sky is really angry šŸ™‚ Funny, weather like a woman…… Hard to predict and hard to understand šŸ˜€

  5. I am not a fan of heavy rain, as you are. Especially when dog-walking, or driving. But the blue skies always cheer me up, and we have those in abundance today.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Well yes, rain is very inconvenient at times. I was often cold and wet in England and I remember arriving at work one day at JFK wet from head to toe which I could have done without! But as a kid in Cambodia I loved standing out in monsoon rain!

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