Useful plants

1530/1st May, 2023

While I was outside yesterday afternoon, I decided to check up on the Lilac.

So beautiful in 2019 but ever since, ruined by late frost and even snow last year.

Once the damage is done, no amount of loving encouragement has helped.

Furthermore, I belatedly noticed a Japanese honeysuckle growing in its midst.

Something I never expected, to do battle with honeysuckle, but it spreads everywhere.

Herewith, evidence.

The intention was to have a bonfire.

But it has become my bird house.

After removing what I could of that invader, I went to look at other new growth.

It had rained heavily.

Here’s another invader.

From Europe.

Garlic mustard.

It can be used to make pesto sauce or horseradish, apparently.

Perhaps we could experiment with it.

What could go wrong?

Plants can be useful in many ways.

To toast my lunch yesterday, we employed a Honduran squash to keep the lever in place.

Built-in obsolescence. Our other toaster failed in the same way.

And certainly not from over-use!

The walkers weren’t very keen yesterday.

The grass is long and it was very wet.

They soon turned and came back

Penny stopped to drink from the doormat. As if water is not provided!

The gimpy Crow comes for a few peanuts. Apart from his withered foot, he seems in good form.

Yesterday there was a dead mouse on offer though it’s a matter of first come, first served.

A while back, we saw a one-eyed squirrel on the porch and we’ve been keeping a look-out for it but it was more than two weeks till we spotted it again, this time on the patio.

Happily eating peanuts.

Ever since we spent a summer watching a blind possum coming and going, we have been very impressed at the way wild animals cope with disabilities.

Dear Mrs Plod.

She was emaciated when we first saw her but she soon filled out.

We had rushed out to get oranges for the Orioles but it turned out they hadn’t planned to stay, so we cut the fruit up and put it on the lawn.

Mrs Plod loved oranges!

The Raccoon babies were fascinated by this strange creature but didn’t interfere with her.

She was one of those creatures that gets into your heart.

We still miss her.

4 thoughts on “Useful plants

  1. Haha, I just had to laugh at that toaster and squash photo 😄. And your photos with the raindrops on the leaves … it’s always a beautiful sight. Oh, and you should know that water on a doormat is much nicer than clean water in a bowl (I speak for Penny, of course).

  2. Planned Obsolescence drives me crazy. Such a cynical device used by manufacturers of electical goods. (And cars) I’m surprised the vegetable held the lever down. Our toaster has a very strong spring.
    Great to see the squirrel and possum coping so well. They chose a good spot living close to someone as kind as you.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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