Backing up

27th April 2023

Taking photographs ensures that there will always be a sunny image available.

Today seems a little undecided.

This day we arrived home to find a Red-breasted Woodpecker snacking on suet.

Undisturbed by the garage door.


But the groundhogs have gone shy…

Once they are awake, it has been our experience in previous years, that there’s a groundhog to be seen at most times of day.

This year they emerged very gradually. Days went by without seeing one.

After the big guy on March 30th, a tiny one popped out briefly on April 1st.

Then a week passed.

We had stopped putting carrots out, so when the big guy suddenly re-appeared on April 8th, Grant broke up a couple of carrots and threw them from the kitchen window.

“Yo! Steady on!”

“A chap could sustain an injury!”

Never-the-less, he did not refuse it.


“Oh I sing to you my carrots”

“Before I eat you up.”


It’s nice they appreciate their food.

It wouldn’t hurt at all if we all did.

Though I think Grant and the cats would prefer if I don’t sing to mine.



“You thought I was going to tip over backwards, didn’t you?”

Well, I was wondering!

Last minute save!


Since those sparse sightings, we have noticed that the groundhogs don’t appear until lunch time and then again at what you could call tea-time.

And they seem to have become very tentative, watching us through the kitchen window.


Yesterday our little friend eased slowly from its hole under the bush, seized a piece of carrot and waddled backwards as fast as it could go.

Groundhogs can back up!

It’s curious to see the change in behaviour, but we watch and hope there will be healthy babies.


Little Red’s babies are not shy!


Though she seems not to have taught them this particular trick!

She’s not been climbing into the feeders herself for some time, but then she really has no need.

She probably only did it because she could.

Soon I shall have to make space for the hummingbird feeders.

That is the real start of Summer, in my books.

3 thoughts on “Backing up

  1. Ha, I also thought the groundhog looked like he was going to fall over backwards – for a second there it looked like he was sitting on a couch! I always find it amusing when a bird (like the Woodpecker) can eat upside down like that 🙂.

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