3rd thing…

24th April 2023

Rain has finally arrived.

April mornings have been misty, skies often cloudy, but mostly it has been fine and mild.

Today though, is wet and dreary which makes it feel colder that it really is.

And it’s cleaning day.

So everyone is unsettled.

Willow usually finds a place to bunker down but today she is roaming around like a lost soul.


Muffin jumped up and I tickled her with my fingers which soon found the knot on her tummy that I’ve been trying to ease out for days.

If she would hold still for a moment, it could be removed without all the drama, but I’ve not figured out how to communicate this.

It is important to deal with knots because they can become very uncomfortable, pulling the skin. I have seen terrible examples of this.

So today I persisted and managed to remove one knot but there are more and now my name is MUD.

Lucy has for the moment at least taken to the perch I created when the others kept usurping her bed.

Whether it’s the *pink blanket or the padding, elevation from the floor or proximity to my desk, I don’t know, but it is a relief to see her settled.

Lily came in search of a snack.

She is the only one who can jump on top of my old roll-top desk where I once placed a dish of treats for five minutes.

She is ever hopeful.

Disappointed, she came to look at me and when I stood up she decided to declare lunch.

And went to sit on a perch while I organised it.

Willow assumed her lunch position as well and at the sound of crunching, Muffin returned.

But she is fussy, so I had to offer her something else which meant Willow got seconds.

Now they have settled down, just as the vacuum cleaner approaches. Time for me to bail out.

The cats are free to do as they choose!


For now, rain has stopped.

The house is a bit cleaner.

Not as clean as it would be if the vacuum cleaner had not ceased to function half way.

“Never mind. Let’s have our lunch…”

Mine is a humble meal. All I require is cooperation from the toaster…


So I’m waiting to find out what will fail next because it always goes in threes…


*Yes, Lucy is blind so colour is unimportant. But she knows her pink blanket.

5 thoughts on “3rd thing…

  1. Ollie hates it when I do housework, especially the vacuum cleaner. It disrupts his routine, and because he always wants to be within one foot of me, he gets in the way.
    You have a lot of books by Richard Wake. Is he any good? I presume he must be.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Yes, I found the first book rather light weight, an introduction to the characters. I had been spoiled by a whole series by Alan Furst and then Phillip Kerr. Both brilliant. But I came to like Richard Wake as well, then Max Hertzberg who wrote about the Stasi. Now I am on Alex Gerlis. All WW2 spy/resistance. In between I read other subjects. I watched the Piaf movie which I knew would be sad. Such a tragic life. No wonder she sang from her soul. Poor woman.

  2. Wow, the clouds in your first photo are beautiful! When we had the two cocker spaniels we took out all our carpets and just had tiles and laminate wood floors – it made cleaning a lot easier. I really hope there isn’t a 3rd thing …

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