The right moment

0800/30th April 2023

It did occur to me, when I said I was waiting for a third thing to go wrong, that it very likely would involve Word Press.

Sure enough, I find myself once more in a mode that does not suit me and what got me here I cannot guess.

Maybe cat feet on the keyboard?

As it happens, the vacuum cleaner has been resuscitated, more or less.

In the middle of its job yesterday, it stopped sucking, overheated and basically died.

Usually this can be cured by cleaning out the assortment of airways but even after it had cooled off, it refused to suck.

So we wound up its cord and set it aside for further investigation.

Grant is pretty good at fixing appliances and the Dyson website is also quite helpful. So we would deal with it or replace it if we had to.


Cleaning days at best are unsettling and having the vacuum misbehave didn’t help.

Never mind, but I was glad at 8 o’clock to call the day quits and retire to my bed with my book.


The man suddenly decided it was the right moment to take the vacuum apart.

Did I need to participate? Well, no, but…

One likes to show willing and although my contributions don’t amount to much, I hope to help in some small way.

Like holding the torch (not the flaming kind). Or finding an implement.

Besides which, the man kept turning the wretched vacuum on to see if it had recovered yet and who can ignore that dreadful noise?

“Why are you getting agitated?” he asked

The airways having had a second thorough cleaning, la machine was still not sucking.

But this time there was a new sound that we detected was in a connection point.

This was my moment! I produced a drain brush and with a bit of careful poking and prodding, the offending object was removed.


The article in question.

Anyone in the USA will recognise it, though I think the nasty things are used worldwide for closing bread bags or bags of fruit etc.

Some years back I heard of someone collecting them, for what purpose I never did find out, but it prompted me to start saving them and I soon ended up with hundreds.

They can be re-purposed, but these days I put them in the bin, only it appears that one escaped.

So that was good. My Dyson was back in business.

Sort of. I tested it out this morning and discovered that its habitual moaning had turned in to hysterical shrieking.

Normally functioning vacuum cleaners get on my nerves. This was more than I could tolerate. Besides, it was disturbing the wildlife!

Grant had been outside when this latest development occurred, so what happened?

You guessed it. When he turned it on, no shrieking. The moaning has been attributed to one of the filters which can be replaced, so I have ordered one and that is the end of my involvement.

As for Word Press…

After re-posting my Camping 101 saga, I thought I might go back and re-post some of my other adventures. Who knows, there may even be some I never got around to writing about.

Nilla Palmer who posts really wonderful travel adventures on Image Earth Travel along with her sensational photographs, mentioned Sri Lanka which was one of my favourite destinations.

“How long should you spend in Sri Lanka?” she asked. When I was there I wanted to stay forever.

As usual, though, there is a pre-amble and it is entitled, would you believe: Red Hats.

11 thoughts on “The right moment

  1. That the tiny bag closure can stop a Dyson working is one reason why I never buy any of that awful man’s overpriced products, and never will. He really is the epitome of a smug, insufferable prig.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. I did have one once. (Not my choice at the time) Average performance, and far too expensive. It gave up not long after the guarantee ran out. I’ve always disliked Dyson as a man, and he showed his true colours when he took his manufacturing base away from the UK to exploit cheap labour in Malaysia, then moved his HQ to Singapore.
        Best wishes, Pete.

      2. I try very hard to avoid buying products made in China for the same reason but it’s impossible. Even if they brought the jobs back here, no one wants to work in a factory now and no-one wants to pay twice as much. It makes me grind my teeth!

      3. We have a DC15. It still has the best suction of any machine I’ve ever used so I retrieve it from the back of a cupboard every now and then to do a mega clean. It is far too heavy for my wife to use, is vastly over engineered, and is impossible to fully clean the inner vortex tubes. Dyson’s support for Brexit rather backfired on him when he could no longer easily employ EU citizens!

  2. Thank you, Carolyn, for today’s lovely post, Sri Lanka is the happiest country on the planet. They have a wonderful philosophy of life, and it is a beautiful country.


  3. We also have those bread ‘tags’, but these days the bread bags are sealed and you only get them now and then on some of the veggie bags. It’s amazing that such a small thing can stop a vacuum! Beautiful photos of the plants covered with raindrops.

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