What is it?

27th April 2023

The scenic route to our veterinary clinic, and other parts.

We have always wondered what this old building was in its working life.

Would you believe a chicken coop?

A neighbour who has lived in the area a very long time assures us it was so.

The last thing I would have guessed!

There are very few places hereabouts that are not scenic.

Just those few, as I mentioned not long ago, where human beings seem determined to desecrate the natural beauty of the land.

There should be a law against it.

A tiny garden centre that changed hands recently. Yesterday they were setting up a new greenhouse and its ribs caught the light.

It was a good day for reflections

This was a “quick” excursion.

They always start that way.

Grant had found a brilliant viewpoint.

And since it was such a fine day….

(Weather forecast being wrong again)

Lots of puffy clouds defining the view.

We had ventured this way two weeks ago, and we’d come upon The Salem Art Works.

Finding it not quite our taste, we did not investigate, turning south for home.

This time, we approached from a different direction, along a very rural road which took us to the back entrance.

We wound our way up a steep hill

There is no tree I don’t want to photograph

…more than once.

Halfway up the hill

Nearly there.

A sample of the art on the right…

(The blue thing)

And here. (Tree not included)

Salem Art Works was created on the site of an old farm.

See what I mean about yellow trees?

We’ll be back in the Fall to check out the colours then!

It would be a boring world indeed, if we all liked the same thing and I believe people should be free to express themselves in whatever way is meaningful to them.


Is it unreasonable to take issue with this?


In such a setting, it seems offensive.

To me, anyway.

Fortunately, one could work around it and clouds drifting across the sky changed the vista constantly.

Salem New York

Which is north of North Salem New York.

A really lovely place to sit and contemplate or meditate or just take the air.

Though soon it will be essential to bring with you a good supply of bug repellent.

While I don’t dispute that bugs have their place on the planet, I am very allergic to most.

And I really can’t see why they need to investigate the inside of my nose or ears.

It may be time for a bee-keeper’s hat.

More examples of the art

Above left: White object on the right

Above: Long object attached to post

Left: Metal circles in front of tree

Below: That.

We drove back down the hill and exited from the other side of the hill where I had taken a few pictures last time we were here.

Ghosts perhaps?

These images did not excite me enough to consider posting them, but since I brought you here today I thought I should share them now.

Hard work, certainly.

But I don’t know what any of them are called.

10 thoughts on “What is it?

    1. I’ve never been to that Salem so I can’t really say. New England villages and towns are much alike but I suppose maybe tourists go to that Salem? Technically we are not part of New England but we are right on the Vermont line and they are.

  1. Wow! I see those lovely sculptures & have an overwhelming desire to cover them in beautiful vines like wisteria & clematis! All in the eyes of the beholder! LOL!

  2. Thank you, Carolyn, for your green post. To borrow the famous statement if you have the sky and trees, you have everything. And that “art” is horrible!


  3. I much prefer to see your natural art than those that look like piles of mangled junk to me. They are interesting, but I just don’t get them.

  4. A gorgeous corner!
    Art can be quite odd at times. I’ve seen some weird art/sculptures in many cities/towns in Japan on this trip. Many sculptures of nude ladies – it’s almost an obsession.

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