0627/20th April 2023

This day started too early.

Thanks Patches.

Now it has flown by.

Trying to fit too many things in.


Partly my fault, I will acknowledge.

A 6 letter word eluded me.

So I asked for help.

He couldn’t get it either.


Dawn’s early glow.


So I am starting when I should be finishing.

And I detect another WP change.


It has shrunk.

Something I did?

Like what?


Wasting time on words, we departed late instead of early, as planned.

And I should never agree to a trip that involves opposite compass points.


The nearest Home Depot is in Bennington.

A nice drive and a glorious day.

Grant decided to use an alternate approach.

Which drew the journey out….


So we were sailing back past the house,

on the way to Greenwich,

at about cat-lunchtime.

We waved: “Back soon!”


Such a relief that last week’s heatwave was temporary.

Spring is delightful and I would hate to miss it!



As I am uncertain what is “up” with WP, I’m going to finish for now….


Everyone else’s blog looks normal….


5 thoughts on “Shrunk?

  1. Well, your blog looks normal to me too … your photos as beautiful as always. The colours are beautiful – everything looks so bright. Every season definitely has its own beauty. Oh, and I was wondering … did the hungry cats wave back when you passed them at lunch time… 😉.

  2. WordPress has some odd glitches sometimes. And occasionally there are just some things that will not format as you want them no matter what you do. One of those poetry coding things I suppose!

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