That’s OK

1704/18th April 2023

It is safe to say that our weather at this time of year is variable.

Photographs from previous years are not dissimilar.

Grim, dark clouds surrounded us late yesterday.


While we were having supper, the hills lit up.

It was quite startling, given the dark sky.


Somehow the Sun managed a brief “good night” show.

For mere minutes before dipping below the horizon.


For most of yesterday I was trying to keep my cool while attempting to activate the dormant HP, Mac having decided to take the day off.

My previous attempt to makes friends with HP were a complete and utter flop. How different could two systems be?

Just enough to do your head in.

The HP awakened quite willingly, but the first problem was that of course the mouse was dead. Not remembering the first thing about it and not having the book of words to hand, we tried to decide if the mouse was re-chargeable. There seemed no way to change batteries.


Grant solved this by producing is old mouse and later we discovered that the HP mouse does indeed open for the removal of old batteries.

Is there, in fact, a book of words? I believe it has to be accessed on line, which is a fat lot of good if you can’t get on line.

The first Internet provider I hooked up with here, drove me demented in many ways, but most particularly when I called yet again, in frustration with connectivity issues, only to hear a recording of the same annoying voice urging me to seek answers on line.

Endeavouring to remain calm, yesterday, I slogged on but soon came up against passwords. Because I was attempting to access information from another PC, I must prove that I was the authentic owner…


Passwords for Apple, for Google and for Gmail.

What are you supposed to do when the system refuses access, when you know perfectly well what the damn password is? And the reason I know is because on a previous such occasion, I had become so frustrated, I created a password that was rude and memorable. It was a particular way of describing a large amount of excrement. In French.

Who could forget that? No. We’re having it. Fine, then let’s re-set it, but first I must prove I am the owner and not some swine swindler.

A secondary check : “What is your birth date?”

“02/16”. “No, no it’s not! Doesn’t match our file!”


All the birthdays I’ve had, I think I can remember the date.

“No, no, no. That’s not it!”

Inevitably: “You’ve had too many tries. Come back later!”

Using my iPhone, I got the access required, changing my password from the one I would always remember to another I never shall.

Meanwhile, every time Google asks for a password I refer to my notes wondering which one this time because I seem to have at least 4.

Having changed it, yet again yesterday, my now functioning Mac encouraged me to update the new Google password and rejected it.

Give me a break. Get the flip file out…wrong, wrong, wrong.

Exasperated. How about….mother’s name and birth date?

Magic. The flip file is what people used to use for phone numbers. I keep passwords in it and I update it, always.

Surely your Google password is the same no matter the purpose for which you use the browser? I seem to have different ones depending what I wish to do.


By the time I got around to considering the matter of downloading photographs and God forbid editing them, I was starting to twitch.

Grant understands the HP system and was keen to show me how very easy it all is, but this is what drove me over the edge last time.

When learning anything new, I have to do it the hands on way, the figure-it-out-yourself way.

This time I got further than previously and maybe I’ll work out a friendship with the HP.

Since I never know when Mac will sulk again


On a sunnier evening recently, the colours on the hills were more reminiscent of Fall than of Spring.


It turns out Toby can still jump after all.

So fur up the nose and key board poking continues.

But that’s OK.

6 thoughts on “That’s OK

  1. It used to be simple before the powers that be decided you must have an upper case letter, a symbol, but not @,/,#, the name of your pet iguana, and a number. I could use INCORRECT as my password and then I was always reminded what it was because my computer told me Your Password is INCORRECT.

  2. Although technology is supposed to make our lives easier, it doesn’t in a lot of ways. Also, every company is implementing MFA because of frauds, scams, and hacking, which makes it even harder to get into your accounts if you’re legit.

    It takes an age editing photos and I feel your pain. I also add a copyright then tag all my photos in WP for SEO, so this in itself takes way to much time. Gone are the days where you write up your post and publish. 🙁

    Love your “hills’ photos – they’re lovely.

  3. I got frustrated just reading your post! But wait … patience is a virtue (or so they say) 👀. But be that as it may, I love your close up photos of the water drops.

  4. We have the same thing here when the Internet goes down. A phone call to the (usually reliable) provider and I am told to ‘Search online to answer my query’.
    I have a notebook full of passwords, and still managed to get locked out of Twitter because my email address was ‘already in use’. When I created a different email address to use, they didn’t like that because I was using the same PC. I eventually had to log on using a tablet, which then made me look at 16 photographs to tell them which had bicycles in them.
    Modern reliability on the Internet could be the downfall of Western society. Enemies no longer need armies, just good hackers.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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