0642/20th April 2023

“WP changes?”

“Will it affect my food supply?”

“Well that’s alright then!”


“Very annoying. But nothing to shout about!”

Perhaps the change is only for North America, since no-one else has noticed anything different.

It is really rather rude, to just spring things on people.

No, “Oh, by the way”, which would give one a clue.

No convenient guideline….

What is the obsession with change?

While I have been thinking for some time that I ought to update my lay-out, I had avoided converting thought to action knowing that I should only regret it.


To find change thrust upon me without notice is infuriating. It is abuse of the technologically challenged!

In this country I am sure one could sue for that.

But all our lawyers are currently tied up with some other case/s.

All I can do is stagger along and hope for the best.

And beg you not to laugh at the end result.


The only thing you can rely upon these days is that the weather forecast will be unreliable.

The 10-day outlook a couple of days back advised us to expect overcast for the foreseeable future.

Not a cloud has been seen since and Spring is at its finest, but then I think, there is no finest point in any season, just different ones.

Last Monday, one of those very early stages, when leaves have begun to pop, bringing fresh colours to the palette but with a texture of sheer voile.

So that the twigs and branches still show through.

So delicate and lovely.

I think.


The world is greening up.

Before long lawn-mowing will replace snow-blowing.

Yesterday, our jaunt to Bennington gave us a chance to witness the season’s progress elsewhere.

At this stage of course, every day can be very different.

Not all trees are in leaf.

Some are barely coming awake.

It’s as if they suddenly look around:

“Oh! Did I miss the wake-up call?”

What I have never made a note of, is whether these are the last to drop their leaves in the Fall.

Will I remember to check, in November?

Don’t hold your breath.

Contemplating all this loveliness the other day, it occurred to me that the trees, in their new clothes, seem really pleased with themselves.

As well they might be.

A great deal more pleased than I am, with the new look.

And the considerably more exasperating, time-consuming process of producing it!

6 thoughts on “Exasperated!

  1. My-my, the world is indeed green! And I’m also amazed that one tree has no leaves while surrounded by green trees … oh well, even in Nature there’s always that one that stands out, right? I’m very hesitant when it comes to changes, but I also like new challenges (it just doesn’t have to involve technology)!

  2. Your blog looks the same as always to me, Carolyn. I can’t see any changes or differences.
    (Same for all the American blogs I follow.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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