Snooty dog

Sunrise 12th March 2023

Daylight Savings Time.

Confusion. In my working days, these periods were an absolute curse because the time difference between here and there went from 5 hours to 4 (or 6) until the clocks over there changed, with the night of the actual gain or loss being particularly diabolical.

I’ll not bore you with details of that bi-annual fiasco.

In Winter my camera and I are in sync. Any event could be pinpointed by checking the photograph details.

In the Summer, I must adjust by an hour.

One could opt to change the time manually on the camera, but I select New York as my time zone. All my other devices automatically update. If I attempted a manual adjustment I just know it would create another problem.

So I just remind myself, day to day.

Except this morning, the difference was off by an hour in the wrong direction…..

When I checked the camera, just now…. the time had gone back two hours.

Wait a minute!

Suddenly, all my scheduling nightmares were back. Hair-pulling! The more I tried to figure it out, the more confused I felt.

Finally feeling the onset of a bad headache, I decided to abandon any attempt to make sense of it.

Presumably the camera must be plugged in for adjustments to occur, but how…..

Presumably the camera does not acknowledge DST.

Nor should we!

Which still doesn’t answer…oh to hell with it…


At dawn yesterday and until around noon, light snow fell, but the early overcast gave way to a splendid afternoon.

Another storm is in our forecast, with snow on Tuesday into Wednesday, but with daytime temperatures well above freezing, it won’t remain long.

In the meantime I shall enjoy monitoring the sky.

Sunset will be later now.

These guys keep their own hours.

They don’t come by every evening, but we are always delighted to see them and I still go to the window every time.

They come very close to the house and are only nervous if they sense we are looking at them, so we peep around corners.

To get these photographs I had to poke my lens through a gap in my bathroom curtains. That window is the only one without a screen.



A few days ago, I mentioned colour….


Waiting around in doctor’s offices can be a bore, unless…

A friendly face came to look at me.

Expensive exotic fish need a lot of care.

But they are so very soothing.

Fish are creatures I seldom have the pleasure of seeing.

If not for this tank, I might have given up coming here!

The snooty dog always avoids me!

Perhaps it’s just me, but isn’t it off-putting when the staff and particularly the nurses are so obviously carelessly out-of-shape?

This is my rheumatologist’s clinic. She’s a nice lady.

But I have never had any benefit from rheumatology.

By now I must have given a gallon of blood to be tested and it’s always the same…”borderline this, trace of that, borderline….blah blah.

Medications have occasionally been offered but the side effects are always intolerable.

Primary care urges you to consult specialists and you don’t want to seem uncooperative but who is kidding who?

This clinic is moving and I’m not sure if the fish will be included in the transfer.

And if the only distraction is to be hideously horrible reality TV that you cannot tune out,

and a snooty dog….

6 thoughts on “Snooty dog

  1. The bright colours of the fish are beautiful … in fact, the tank is so colourful! I don’t understand the daylight savings time thing – we don’t have it here (but then, of course, SA is a much smaller country than the US) … I think that would have confused me a lot!

  2. I never understood why care homes and medical facilities have fish tanks. I don’t want the last thing I see in this life to be a Clown Fish.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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