1544/9th March 2023

One of the Sparrows favourite perches.

They simply swarm to and from it.


Late afternoon shadows.

Dee Dee on an afternoon walk, surveying her property.


Toby checking pee mail.

Muffin choosing her supper.


A lone Grackle came for breakfast.


He joined the Cowbirds at the seed tray.

And the Sparrows did their usual flutter.


Toby considered his choices,

settling for a lazy Saturday morning nap.

Before the next meal.


Our two most fragile cats have taken to sharing a box by the front window close to a radiator.

Strangely none of the other cats cuddle together, although Lily has befriended the shy Sophia.

Sophia and Patches were cuddle-buddies until Patches had her great revelation.

Since then, Sophia has turned to her new friend.



Lily takes a meal with Sophia and often sits nearby.

Lately it seems as if Willow is also hanging out. She used to chase Sophia, so I am hoping that they have had a rapprochement.

Sophia almost trusts me now, but progress is very slow.


Tinkerbelle trusts only Grant, but she is not shy!

Anytime there is trouble, Tinks is certain to be the instigator.

Her childhood was unfortunate. Grant was her knight.

Red tails into the sunset

Way up in the sky….

(There’s more, but I’m not telling….)

What is this strange assembly of images?

What I intended to say before going off at a tangent, as I so often do, was that for every photograph I post, there are probably a dozen that I don’t.

Because they belong in Trash.

The luxury of digital cameras.


When I was outside one day, I suddenly saw a face

“Oh. Hello!”

As I moved closer, the smile seemed to broaden!

This is what living in isolation does to you.

Inanimate objects take on personalities.

Some of them get roundly abused at times.

This day, I was in a mellow mood.

Not long after, I was in the house and witnessed:

“Hello. I’m looking for my friend.”

“Is he in there by any chance?”

“Look like you, does he?”

“No, sorry mate. He’s not here.”

Such a look of dejection!

A day or so later, we came home one morning:

“I’m still looking for my friend.”

“Very sorry, but he’s still not here.”


But there’s a happy ending…


“We came along to let you know we found each other.”

“And to say thank-you for looking out for us.”

“Happy to help, but I ‘d like to point out..”

“I am employed for purposes of heating only.”

“Searching for wayward snow-shovels, not my line.”

“It’s alright,” said Lily

“Just keep doing what you’re doing.”



Now you probably think I am nuts. But when I pointed out the face to Grant he laughed and later on said:

“Now I can’t un-see it.”

“Are all humans mad, Lily?”

“Oh yes. Categorically.”

7 thoughts on “Radiator

  1. I like the concept of cat food choice between a closed can and food on a saucer. Cats are so smart in their choices. It’s uncanny how they just know things and call a spade a shovel whenever the mood strikes them.

  2. Haha 😁, I absolutely understand that animals can have a conversation with each other (I’m sure it happens) … but a shovel and a radiator? Ah, that’s a probability, isn’t it? And absolutely – that’s one of the widest smiles I’ve ever seen!

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