7th March 2023

Odd little tree.

Little, I may be.

But odd? Not me


It’s all perspective

You see.


A small cairn we passed this day.

What it’s for I cannot say.

Mostly gray it was, that day.

Though not all,

As I recall.

A curious row of Evergreen

Snowy fields, was in between.

Sometimes our wheels

Will bump and shake.

The path we take

May not be straight.

Sometimes a view that is the same

Looks different in another frame.

Poor wee tree

All alone

Better with a background shown?

What strange sort are these

Sadly bent and twisted trees?

You will see, come next Fall

Fruit in these branches all.

Apples, red and very juicy

On these trees you will see.

One thing we mostly cannot do

Is hide our tracks out of view.

Beneath the snow they still remain,

For all to see, very plain.

And that is quite enough of that!

The day started with a flat battery.

The car’s and mine.

Let’s blame DST.

It’s as good a reason as any.

These are pictures that I took a few days ago.

How often do you look at an image a second time and see something completely different?

Whether it is a function of aging eyes I don’t know, but these days I seldom see quite the same thing twice.

Often Brain tells me “that’s not what you think it is!”, so I’ll tilt my head and sure enough a pair of shoes becomes a dog, or something equally ridiculous. It’s rather disconcerting.

This, clearly is some sort of birch, but it immediately brings to my mind something quite else.

Maybe I’ll tell you tomorrow.

When the battery is recharged.

5 thoughts on “Recharging

  1. Trees never fail to fascinate me. I see the same ones every day on Ollie’s walks, but each time there is something different about them.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. The bright colours among the white snow are beautiful – I especially love the single green trees. I hope your battery is charged by now … sometimes it’s good to “lay low” for a while 🙂.

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