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0735/17th February 2023

Just after dawn it seemed we had fast-forwarded to dusk, as it got increasingly dark.

Rumbles of thunder sent most of the cats for cover.

Dee Dee abandoned her stock-taking and rushed off down the basement.

Our stoic Himalayan wasn’t bothered. Muffin was happy to play red-dot unchallenged.

Thunder is very out-of-season, although occasionally you do get it in a snowstorm. This morning was quite fierce briefly, with flashes of lightning falling nearby.

When I was outside afterwards, I decided to find out why certain patches of snow stick around for so long.

The larger, compacted lumps, one could understand, but what about those very small bits in the foreground?

What was holding those bits together?

Simple answer. They are not snow.

Rice. It seems Grant thought some creature or other might like the leftovers.

Perhaps they think it is snow too.

Returning indoors with a photograph of our moist morning, I had occasion to discover that my new footwear becomes treacherous when wet!

Now I just need to remember. (I skated, didn’t fall)

Finding shoes for the sort of feet I have is an undertaking. So many factors to be considered, not least that they are not a matched set.

No doubt they were once, but when your gait changes, over time so do your feet. No one warns you of these eventualities!

Typical, that the one thing I inherited from my mum would be her feet, her one great imperfection.

As dreary as today seems determined to be, yesterday was bright.

While I love a snowscape, the variables of our scenery are endless and always enjoyable.

Sunlight illuminated the almost Spring-ready branches. I could sense the sap beginning to rise.

All of life starting to reach up.

Traces of snow picked up the light as well.

This time of year you get to see the noble bare bones of trees.

The gnarled branches.

(The woods here are subject to fierce winds at times. In places, trees appear to have been savaged by some vicious monster.)

An entirely different sort of beauty, but it is there if you look for it, if you abandon preconceived ideas of what constitutes beauty.

Two scenes could hardly be more different.

16th February, 2021 we had a significant ice-storm!


Ice-storms are one of my favourite sights to behold.

But so damaging and dangerous. And hard on wildlife.

Meanwhile, two years later.

We call this the pigeon house because often we see a congregation sitting on it, along the peak of the roof.

But not yesterday.

The sheep that are usually hidden behind their hill were out, delighted no doubt, to be able to graze.

Crows were finding something to graze as well.

Coming up to a favourite vantage point.

Layers of hills as far as the eye can see.

With no car behind us, we could slow down for once.

After finding a new primary care doctor three months ago, I was encouraged. The new clinic had felt much more friendly, in general.

Also, being in Greenwich, it is far more convenient.

But previous experiences had demoralized me and as my latest appointment approached, I felt nervousness returning.

Suppose I had imagined that the new clinic was nice? I am such a fool when it comes to medical appointments. I get tongue-tied and forget everything I meant to ask.

Ahead of time, I try composing a speech, but that doesn’t work either because I’m afraid it will sound like a rehearsed speech.

Because of an emergency yesterday, I had longer to wait.

For the first time ever, I was informed and apologies were made, which was astonishing but gave me more time to wind myself into a frazzle by the time the doctor entered.

Babbling like an idiot, I related to him a variety of problems, at the same time dismissing them, saying as they hadn’t killed me yet, they probably didn’t matter.

Where was there a hole I could fall in?

My previous doctor would have swept me into it. But this doctor looked at me with kind eyes and continued looking at me rather than typing into the PC and listening with half an ear. When he stood to leave, he extended his hand and I could sense he was smiling.

On my way out I had to get blood drawn, which gave me another opportunity to make a fool of myself.

As I waited, I took out my phone. 90 seconds later a nurse called my name and, always feeling the need to respond without delay, I jumped up dropping my handbag with a crash.

Quickly scooping up the bag, I dropped the phone, so now everyone was watching the bizarre floor dance I performed.

If you have to make a fool of yourself, it is nice to be able to do it in a friendly environment.

Next time, I will get myself together.


4 thoughts on “Next time

  1. It’s amazing how different 2021’s picture is from now! Do you really think Spring is just around the corner … or maybe there’s another surprise waiting (in the form of snow)? Hooray for your new doctor (and friendly environment) – we need more of these! And it also seems like a good place to lose some control – I’m sure no one batted an eye because these things happen daily (even with me 😉).

  2. I do that jumping up when my name is called too. But as I am rarely holding anything in my hand, and never a phone, I am spared additional embarrassment.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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