Bloggus interruptus

“Poke her again, Toby. I’m hungry!”

“Not me. I’m all out of pokes. She’ll swat me.”

“Oh. Is that one of Dee Dee’s new rules?”

No. It’s the third law of humans. After 10 pokes they get mad.”

“You just poked her 15 times!

“Yes. 5 extra, senior kitty allowance pokes.”

“Well how about I lick her ears?”

“That’ll do it!”

“Oh you guys! ALRIGHT!

And who was waiting on the patio?

“Well it’s about time! I thought we agreed on breakfast?”

His Nibbs got his bowl of kibble and I began administering medication: Willow’s fluid then an ear rub for Muffin and Toby.

But when I looked for Toby, he was having a face-off at the front door.

His Nibbs was looking for his second course.

“It’s breakfast, not a banquet!”

“How come he gets breakfast before us?”

“Well, because…”

“Because what? What happened to my senior rights?”

“I’m going to my manager… Dee Dee?”

“What now, orange boy?”

“Oh whatever. I’ll just go back to sleep.”

You see what I’m up against, every morning.

Everywhere I turn, another mouth to feed.

The Moon winked at me.

Some of the best things in life are free.

Contrails always capture my attention.

Dawn was golden but not dramatic.

An early appointment took us to Greenwich.

The in-between season

Spring-like today. It’s February!

Yet no jacket was required. It’s just weird.

Trees are in bud, though some still cling to last year’s leaves.

We came upon a rafter of turkeys

Not close enough for a good shot.

They are such beautiful birds.

It’s one of those days, so I shall call it quits for now…..

8 thoughts on “Bloggus interruptus

      1. Why does everything have to have multiple names? It’s a conspiracy to keep us confused. I think posse is more accurate. They are lovely.

  1. No significant signs of Spring here in Seattle. Hardly a bird in sight – yet. I was at my house today and killed some weeds. No Flickers, no Hawks, only 2 lone finches. I filled the water containers just in case.

  2. Dee-Dee will have to call a meeting with His Nibbs … to read him his rights (and tell him what time breakfast is) 😉. Sometimes, on “those kind of days” it’s good to just take some nice photos and look at them.

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